I’ve noticed over the year’s baby nursery trends have really changed. When my boys were little it was all about a themed room with bright colours and very animated designs, and while this style is still popular it seems like a gender neutral and modern base design with pops of colour has taken over

When I say a gender neutral base I mean calm muted colours like whites and creams which can then be taken to the next level with very specific pops of colour or design elements. Lolli Living has an amazing line of baby nursery textiles and accessories that are fun, whimsical and super trendy. Let me introduce you to their line of wonderful nursery must haves for your new baby.

Beautiful textiles

lollinursery-Optimized.jpgLolli Living carries all the bedding you’ll need to put together an adorable and cozy bed for your baby to sleep in. On top of that they have such a large variety of bedding that’s designed to be mix & match and layered so you can customize your nursery however you desire.

Their fitted sheets come in a huge variety or colours and patterns. You can choose from 100% cotton, 100% jersey cotton, which I love for it’s softness and 100% organic cotton perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. With all the hours babies spend sleeping you’ll need quite a few sheets on hand and Lolli Living has so many to choose from.

They also have a large variety of cotton quilts for your nursery. If soft and gentle is what you’re looking for then I suggest the jersey material, in fact you can create the whole bed out of jersey since they also have a jersey bumper pad. There’s also a large variety of beautiful quilted cotton comforters available in solid colours and a large selection of patterned comforters as well. I love the variety in the bedding because you can choose to have it neutral in colour or add in whimsy, colour and design.


lolli bedding-Optimized-1.jpgOf course if you’re designing your baby’s bed you must have a bumper to help keep their delicate heads safe from any bumps and bruises, and Lolli Living has many to choose from. I love how the colour pallet is so trendy neutral so you can pick and choose each bedding item and they’ll come together to create a stylish bed for your baby.

You can even take your bedding to the next level by finishing it off with a dust ruffle or bed skirt.

When my boys were little they always had to have their favourite blanket with them. It was always very soft and perfectly sized to be dragged around in their little hands everywhere we went. Muslin fabric has become very popular over the years and I can see why. It’s lightweight and breathable for warmer days but will also keep your baby cozy and warm when needed. Lolli Livings selection of blankets is outstanding and varies in fabrics from muslin, velour, cotton and chenille, and if your baby loves blankies and stuffies (as my boys called them), then they’ll love this Lolli Living-LuvMe Blankie Elephant, it’s both a blanket and stuffed animal.

Nursery accessories

elephant lamp.jpegNow that you have the bedding all sorted out you can finish off the nursery with some cute and trendy accessories. Lolli Living has some amazing lamp bases to choose from such as animal figures like this Lolli Living – Lamp Base-Elephant. You can also go with the classic spindle style which is available in a variety of colours to add a burst of colour to the nursery. To get the perfect lamp for the nursery there’s also a large selection of lamp shades to choose from varying from solid colours to delicate patterns. Lamp lighting is perfect for quiet feeding time or when you’re trying to settle your little one down to sleep.

I am an avid reader myself so I was sure to include a bookshelf in my boy’s nurseries when they were born.  I always put their cardboard picture books on the lower shelves so they were always within reach when they were crawling around. These Lolli Living – Book End Friends are book adorable and practical and they’re made of 100% knitted cotton so they won’t cause injury if they fall off or are pulled off a shelf. They’re also available in a few different animals so you can have a pair on each shelf or mix & match them for fun.

bookends.jpegLolli Living also offers a few change pad covers. With all those diaper changes and especially the ones that don’t manage to stay in the diaper, you’ll definitely be needing some spares to keep in your changing table drawers. These change pad covers come with elasticized edging to make sure the whole change pad stays covered.

You’ll also be needing a laundry hamper for your nursery. Babies are sure tiny but they know how to make a lot of laundry straight from those newborn diaper mishaps all the way through to eating their first solids and beyond. I always kept my boy’s laundry separate than mine and my husbands because I used baby laundry soap and didn’t want to wash their delicate clothes with dirty work clothes. This Lolli Living – Hamper- Charcoal Triangle is large enough to fit all those outfit changes and has soft handles on the side so you can easily carry it to the laundry room.

You can create a warm and unique nursery with Lolli Living’s large selection of nursery textiles and accessories. I love that all the pieces can easily be incorporated together so you can actually buy a variety of bed sheets and quilts and when one is in the wash you can create a new look with a different bed sheet or quilt. One week your baby’s nursery can be bold patterns with a hint of colour and the next you can create a gentle woodland oasis. The cotton fabrics will be gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and they’re easy to wash and dry which is exactly what you need when free time is limited.

You can see Lolli Livings large selection of nursery textiles and accessories at

Lindsey Reed
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