The Chicco and Joovy brands are back at Best Buy, offering a selection of cool gear for babies, from portable play yards to high chairs, car seats and strollers.

Chicco and Joovy Play yards

The Chicco Lullaby 3-Stage Portable Play Yard can last through your child’s first few years, with a napper for newborns, bassinet for infants, detachable changer, and large play yard for your little ones to play in once they reach the toddler age. Plus, it has a carry bag so you can use it on-the-go, when you visit the grandparents, for instance.

If your little one is already a toddler, or you have more than one, there’s the Joovy Room2 Play Yard, which has a spacious, 10-foot interior that affords an ample and safe place to play for multiple kids up to 35” tall.

Chicco Highchairs

The Chicco Polly Reclining High Chair is a nice and stylish addition to the kitchen, allowing your baby to explore his first solids, or a toddler up to 40 lbs. to chow down on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in comfort.

If you’re hitting up a restaurant, or visiting a friend’s house, bring along the Chicco 360 Rotating Hook on High Chair that can clip on to the edge of most tables, and has a removable tray.

The Chicco Travel Seat Hook on High Chair might be the better investment if you eat elsewhere often, as it can easily fold up for taking with you, and comes with a carry bag.

Car seats

The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat has a 5-point harness for safety, and removable insert. Rear-facing, it works with a stay-in-car base with UAS management system. With my son’s infant car seat, I found he was growing too quickly, and in my small car, his feet were quickly reaching the seatback because of the angle of the car seat. This one has a ReclineSure leveling foot that adjusts to fit the angle of the vehicle seat, so it can potentially be easier to move in and out of a smaller car.

Chicco and Joovy Stroller and car seat bundles

If you’re on the market for a new stroller, Chicco and Joovy offer a number of options.

Grab a car seat and stroller together with the aforementioned Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Chicco Neuvo Vapor Standard Stroller bundle in grey and teal, or the Bravo Orion Standard Stroller with the same seat. With the latter, you can replace the stroller seat with the car seat to use it as a carrier with the included adapter. The former is a more lightweight option, which might be good to use with an older child, or as a secondary stroller. The Bravo also comes in a champagne colour along with the more traditional grey and black.


If you’re looking for a stroller on its own, there are some great lightweight options from Joovy, as well as ones to accommodate a second child.

The Joovy Balloon Lightweight Stroller can be used with kids up to 45 lbs., which can take you way past school age. (At 5 now, my son is just at about 40 lbs.) It has a universal car seat adapter so you can use it with a car seat you already have, and weighs just 12.7 lbs., making it ideal for traveling.

You can get even more versatile with the Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller, which weighs only 13.9lbs., but can impressively accommodate a child up to 55 lbs. This makes it perfect for day trip to the amusement park in the summer, for instance, or to take on vacation with an older child who might get tired of walking. There’s a built-in parent organizer that can hold a drink and keys, phone, and other essentials in its zippered pocket so you can leave your purse at home. The seat can even recline so your child can have a quick nap whilst you walk around.

Chicco and Joovy strollersIf you have two kids, you may appreciate a double stroller that has a second seat for an older child, like the Joovy Caboose Stand-on Double Stroller. Rather than have the kids sit side-by-side, and thus require a wider clearance wherever you go, this one lets your littlest child, up to 45 lbs., rest up in the main seat, which includes a universal car seat adapter, while another child up to the same weight can sit on the back. There are safety harnesses for both. If the older child and you prefer, the footrest can also be used to stand instead.

Also with a stand-on option is the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stand-on Double Stroller, which has a main seat for a child up to 45lbs., and a rear seat on which a child of the same weight can either sit or stand comfortably. If you prefer for your second child to sit rather than stand on the back, there’s a 3-point harness for the bench.

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