When a new baby is about to arrive on the scene, there’s a real sense of expectation and excitement in the air. That feeling extends beyond the new parents to aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends, and any new mom-to-be will tell you that she gets daily calls or texts from people asking her, “Is it time?” yet.

I’ve had four babies of my own, and I can confirm that the feeling of excitement is just as strong with your fourth baby as your first. You’re about to meet a brand new member of your family, and you just can’t wait to count fingers, toes, and smell that fresh baby smell. Judging from the amount of baby gifts I received each and every time I had a new little one, other people couldn’t wait either. We received a huge range of gifts: from a high chair because ours was worn out by baby #4 to brand new spoons, we were gifted with a little bit of everything baby.

I have to admit, I was sort of surprised at how we were given gifts for our fourth baby. I had thought after the first and second you didn’t get a shower anymore, but I didn’t need to have a shower to receive a gift. People were just happy our little guy arrived healthy and happy, and as one of my friends said when I thanked her, “No, thank you for giving me a reason to shop in the baby section! I’m so glad I can say welcome to the world with a little something.’

If you have a new baby on the way in your life, you shouldn’t have to stress about purchasing a baby gift because there are baby gifts to fit any budget. It’s easy to shop on for a baby gift too: you can shop anytime the need strikes, and with new gear on sale every week, you’ll always find something great to fit your budget.

Here are just a few baby gifts you might want to consider when you’re shopping for a new addition in your life.

Gifts under $30fisher-price.jpg

There are a lot of reasons why you’d want to choose a baby gift under the $30 range. Maybe your family is in the middle of a huge baby boom and there seems to be a new little one born every month. Or maybe your friends are all having new babies at the same time, and your budget has taken a hit because of all the cute gifts you need to buy.

But you can find a great gift for under $30 if you take a look around, and you definitely won’t sacrifice the cute factor.

Who doesn’t remember playing with Fisher Price toys when they were little? I had the Fisher Price barn with the silo and when you opened the barn door you’d hear a little ‘moo.’ I also loved my Fisher Price Weeble Wobbles, and my mom said that they were a gift from my aunt when I was born.

Buying a new baby their first toy might seem like you’re pushing things a bit, but any parent will be really grateful there is something to grab when baby starts becoming interested in toys. Take the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Activity Home for example—it’s for ages 12 months and up and it has 3 modes of play to keep any baby entertained.

When I had little ones and someone asked what I’d like for a gift, I’d always ask for baby towels or sleep sacks. I liked to have one plus a spare every night in case of blowouts or leaks, so the ergoCocoon swaddle is the perfect gift. It’s made from organic cotton, and it’s a cozy way for you to swaddle your baby to sleep. There’s even a 2-way zipper so you can quickly change a diaper without waking up your baby.

Gifts under $60best-ever-baby-mat.jpg

There are a lot of great baby gifts at this price point, and because Best Buy has new sales every week, you never know what you’ll find under $60.

The Bestever Baby mat by Mary Meyer is a great gift, and you’ll love it when it comes to tummy time or when your baby is lying under a portable activity mat.

If you want to be the person to give baby his or her first mobile, the cute Flock of Birds mobile will make a nice addition to any nursery. Or, give mom a break by loading her up with new Dr.Brown’s Natural Flow Wide-Neck Bottles. You get 5 bottles per pack and they’re easy to fill and hold.

ergo-orginial.jpgGifts under $100

I remember the struggle of juggling a tiny baby and trying to prepare dinner or fold laundry. It was really difficult, and even my carrier didn’t seem to help because it was one of the old school carriers that didn’t evenly distribute the weight of the baby.

The Ergo Original Carrier is a great gift for any parent because it lets them hold the baby but it frees up their hands too. The Ergo Original isn’t just any carrier either—it has a padded waist belt and padded shoulder straps so they’ll never experience burning shoulder blades! All the weight from the baby is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders.

The best part of the Ergo Original is that it gives the parent the ability to carry the baby from a very young age. All you have to do is pick up a Ergobaby infant insert to go with the Ergo Original Carrier and they can safely carry even a newborn baby.

evenflo.jpgGifts under $150

There’s a lot to buy when you’re about to be a new parent, so if you want to offset some of the stress of picking up all of the baby gear the new baby will need, why not give the new parents some must-have baby gear?

The Evenflo Tribute convertible car seat will grow with the baby, and you can use it either rear-facing or forward-facing when the baby is older. Evenflo is a trusted brand in car seats, and they have a 5-point harness and side impact protection to keep the baby safe no matter where the family travels.

New parents can keep their eyes on their baby with the gift of a Motorola MBP41 baby monitor. With a 2.8” colour LCD screen and infrared night vision, parents will be able to see the baby in low light conditions. It can also can pan, tilt, and zoom remotely. That means the new parents can take a peek at the baby without having to tip toe in and wake him or her up.

No two families have the same baby gear needs, so it’s nice that there’s a lot of different price points and variety when it comes to giving baby gifts. Make sure you take a look at the baby category each and every week for the latest products and sales on

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