ergobaby-organic-baby-carrierBaby carrier or stroller? The debate could go on and on among parents. The answer depends on a number of factors, including where you live, how you often travel, and your own personal preference, just to name a few. And while both products can come in handy with a new little one, there are certain scenarios where a baby carrier is the better option of the two.

Consider these five scenarios, and how frequent they are, or will be, in your life, to determine when and how you’d use a baby carrier instead of a stroller.

1. Walking to the local grocery store

When my son was born, I lived in a condo right smack-dab in the middle of downtown Toronto. It was fabulous for walking, because so much was nearby. And while I’d make my baby carrier vs strollerweekly trips to the grocery store to stock up our kitchen, being home on maternity leave
also meant that sometimes, I liked to walk down to the local farmer’s market or grocery store to grab some fresh goodies or missing ingredients for the night’s dinner, or a new puree recipe. Admittedly, I often used a stroller, which can be cumbersome for a number of reasons. Most notable is that once I was at the store, I’d have to hold a small basket with one hand while trying to manoeuvre the stroller up and down the aisles, or place the items in the stroller’s undercarriage basket and hope no one thought I was stealing. Sometimes, I’d bring a reusable grocery bag, drape it over the stroller handles, and put items in there. But it would get heavy quickly, even with just a few items. With a baby carrier, not only are both hands-free, but you can use them to push around a shopping cart, then carry the bags home.

2. When you have two kids

Double strollers are great. But if you have a child that’s at that wonderful age where they refuse to be strapped into a chair, you might appreciate having a baby carrier. This way, you can secure one child while you monitor the other child, who might want to switch from sitting to walking while holding your hand. A carrier like the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Four Position Baby Carrier is perfect for when you need to walk to school to pick up an older child, for example. It has a lightweight and breathable mesh lining that ensures breathability, particularly on a hot and humid summer day. And it’s machine-washable so you can keep it squeaky clean.

3. When shopping in the mall

Look, moms need our time, too. And when walking around a busy shopping mall with a sleeping baby, we like to try and get it. That might mean ducking into a shoe store really quickly to check out a new pair of pumps, or peeking into that new clothing store to find a few new items. Have you ever visited some of those boutique stores? You can barely fit yourself through a laneway, much less you and a large stroller. It would be so much easier
to strut around, babe in arms, so you can easily flip through that rack of dresses or shelves of shoes.

4. When you need to multitask

If you want to keep your baby nearby, whether it’s to help him get to sleep or enjoy the wonderful snuggles but need to get things done, a baby carrier can work in the home as well. Strap your little one to your body, then finish up that book you’ve been meaning to read, or send some important work e-mails.

5. While on vacation

If you’re visiting a sunny beach, or strolling about a new locale on a family vacation, a stroller might not be the best option for a baby. You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking, heading into local eateries, and checking out plenty of sights. That can be tough with a stroller if places aren’t always accessible with ramps or elevators. Ever seen a couple awkwardly trying to carry a heavy stroller up a flight of stairs or escalator? I have, and have been in that scenario myself. Sure, you can always opt for a travel-friendly umbrella stroller. But these are often not suitable for very small babies, particularly those who can’t yet hold their heads up. In these such instances, a baby carrier makes the most sense. You can pop in and out of restaurants to enjoy daily meals, stroll along the beach in comfort, and check out all of the sights, completely hands-free. The Ergobaby 360 Four Position Baby Carrier lets you carry baby in one of four positions: front-inward, front-outward, hip, and back. The bucket seat is structured such that your baby is sitting in an ergonomic frog-leg position, with his spine at the optimal “C” position. You can use it with a child all the way up to 45 lbs. Use the lumbar support waist belt to ensure a comfortable fit for you as well.

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