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Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and making memories with your little one. However, navigating the warmer months with a baby comes with its own set of challenges. You want to keep them cool and comfortable to ensure their safety in the sun. Having the right baby gear is essential for a successful summer. From baby carriers to swim diapers, explore the must-have baby essentials for summer gear. These will help you and your little one make the most of the season while staying safe and happy.

Clothing and sun protection

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1. Breathable clothes

During the summer months, choosing the right clothing for your baby is essential to keep them comfortable and safe from the heat. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. These allow for better air circulation and help prevent overheating. Light-coloured clothing can further help in keeping baby comfortable as it reflects sunlight and minimizes heat absorption. Don’t forget a bathing suit, too, for time in the pool or dipping in the ocean with parents or caregivers!

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2. Baby hat and sunglasses

Sun protection doesn’t stop with clothing. A wide-brimmed hat will protect your baby’s face and ears. Hats with protective flaps offer additional coverage, safeguarding the sides and back of the neck from sunburn. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are important as well. They protect your baby’s delicate eyes from harmful rays from the sun. The best sunglasses for babies and toddlers have an adjustable strap that goes around the back of their head so they can’t easily remove them.

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Gear for outdoor adventures

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3. Baby carrier or sling

Exploring the great outdoors with your baby can be a wonderful experience. There are many reasons and situations where a baby carrier is better than a stroller, especially during the warm summer months. A good baby carrier or sling can make your experience more enjoyable. It offers a comfortable way for your baby to explore the world up close while keeping your hands free. Whether you’re hiking through the woods or strolling through the park, a baby carrier or sling provides a cozy and secure way to transport your baby while enjoying the great outdoors.

A baby in the Babymoov Aquani travel play tent

4. Outdoor playards and pop-up tents

For longer outings or trips to the beach, an outdoor playard or pop-up tent provides a safe spot for your baby to rest and play. These create a barrier between your baby and potential hazards like insects and small rocks. They also provide some shade and prevent your crawling baby (or walking toddler) from sneaking away when you turn your head for a minute. Outdoor playards and travel pop-up tents are usually lightweight and portable. They are easy to set up and take down, making them perfect for families on the go. Along with using them while out and about, outdoor playards are useful for the home, too. Use one in the backyard, for example, so your baby can be safe and with you while you fire up the barbecue, tend to the garden, or relax by the pool.

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5. Stroller fan

A stroller fan can also be a great addition during walks. It keeps air moving around your baby to help them stay cool. These fans are designed to easily attach to most strollers. They provide a gentle breeze that helps maintain a pleasant temperature for your little one. The fans usually feature adjustable speeds and a flexible neck, making it easy to position the airflow exactly where it’s needed. They can also come in handy indoors during the summer. Where? Usually spots where air conditioning isn’t circulating well. If it’s battery operated, make sure to bring along a few spares just in case.

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6. Diaper bag

A well-organized diaper bag is indispensable for carrying all your essentials. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, food, and basic first aid should always be packed. Look for a diaper bag with plenty of pockets and compartments. This will help keep everything organized and easily accessible. You also want it to be big enough to carry your personal items, like your wallet, keys, and phone (keeping them separate). You can go backpack style or messenger for the ultimate comfort.

Baby beach essentials

Play and swim time essentials

Zoochini cloth swim diapers

7. Swim diapers

Swimming is a great way for babies to cool off and have fun during the summer months. But it requires proper gear. Swim diapers are are a must-have to enjoy water activities. They ensure that if baby has an accident, it’s kept under wraps, literally. Unlike regular diapers, swim diapers are designed to withstand water without swelling up. They contain any messes while allowing your little one to move comfortably in the water. Whether it’s a private pool, public beach, or even a local splashpad at the park, you’ll want to keep a few swim diapers handy in the diaper bag just in case. Don’t forget a puddle jumper as well to keep your baby’s head safely above water.

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8. Baby toys

When choosing baby toys for the summer months, focus on those that are user-friendly, easy to clean, and can withstand both land and water play. Lightweight, water-resistant toys, such as floating bath toys or vibrant stacking rings, are perfect choices. They not only keep babies entertained but also help in nurturing their developmental skills. Make sure to sufficiently dry out water toys once you’re done using them. This will prevent mold growth on the inside.

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Gear for comfort and safety

Medela day and night pacifiers

9. Pacifier

To make summer outings with your little one go as smoothly as possible, pack their beloved pacifiers. A pacifier can be a real lifesaver. It offers comfort when the heat and new surroundings might make them a bit fussy. Plus, their favourite pacifier is great for keeping them happy and entertained during those long car journeys or while getting accustomed to new places. If the baby is of age, consider also bringing along their favourite teether. This will provide soothing relief and a welcome distraction when the little chompers are coming in.

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10. Baby earmuffs

One of the often overlooked baby essentials for summer is protection for your little one’s ears. Outdoor events and activities can often be loud and overwhelming for young ones. Baby earmuffs are designed to protect your baby’s hearing by reducing noise exposure. These earmuffs are lightweight, adjustable, and crafted with soft padding to ensure comfort even during longer use. Earmuffs are perfect for family outings like festivals or fireworks. They help keep your baby calm and comfortable in noisy environments.

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Must-haves for overnight stays

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11. Portable crib

A portable crib is essential for parents on the move with their little ones. These handy cribs are designed to be lightweight and compact. They fold down to a convenient size, so you can easily take them with you, whether you’re driving across town or flying to a new city. Plus, they offer a cozy and secure spot for your baby to snooze. It gives them the comfort of home, no matter where you are. Many models come with thoughtful extras like wheels for easy pushing, and even integrated toys and storage pockets. Some traditional playards double as portable cribs and even portable change tables as well.

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12. Breast pump and bottle sets

Traveling with a baby doesn’t have to disrupt their feeding routine. With a little planning, you can maintain a smooth feeding schedule on the go. For nursing mothers, carrying a portable breast pump can be incredibly helpful. If you’re going to be in a rush, consider investing in an electric versus manual pump. Also, remember to bring along several durable, easy-to-clean bottles to keep things neat and tidy. To keep milk at the right temperature, a cooler bag or an insulated container works wonders. If you’re formula-feeding, pre-measuring the formula into separate compartments before you leave can help. This will make feedings much easier and quicker.

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The key to a successful summer with your baby lies in preparation. With the right baby gear and planning, you can be ready to enjoy everything the season has to offer, from beach days to garden picnics, all while keeping your baby safe, cool, and happy. Enjoy the sunny days ahead with confidence, knowing you have all the baby essentials for summer you’ll need for your little one.

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