photo credit: Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq
photo credit: Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

It’s vacation planning time!

You’re thinking of visiting our great province but don’t know how to find the best camping spots in Quebec? That’s what I’m here for. I’ll share my favorite places along with what you need for a great time and lots of family fun memories.

The SEPAQ network

The best way to start is definitely through SEPAQ’s website (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec). You’ll find all the info on national parks located all across Quebec. It provides lodging and activities for the whole family. You can go camping, fishing, hiking or just relax by taking a breath of fresh air. Plan your next trip at home, where all reservation through SEPAQ’s network can be done directly from the website. Or, you can book your next stop on site because they’re all connected while getting the best info you’ll need for the road. Keep in mind that our province is vast. All camping sites can take hours to travel from one to another. I’d recommend for you to stay at one place at least a couple of days so you can relax and enjoy.


The best camping cooler

koolatron.jpgFirst, let me suggest one thing you should definitely consider while planning your next outing. You’ll need the best cooler so beverages and snacks can be ready at anytime for all the little empty stomachs the car will carry. That’s why I suggest a cooler that you can plug in the car such as the Koolatron Travel Saver Hard Sided Cooler.

Not only will it keep all of your food fresh but it doesn’t require icepacks, so all of the available space can be used for groceries.



My favorite places in Quebec

Aiguebelle National Park in Abitibi

Abitibi is my home-region, and of course it’s my #1 favourite of all places! When you come visit, you’ll understand why I love living here. It’s grand, majestic, and beautiful. Nature is overflowing. Aiguebelle’s main attraction is its 22-metre-high suspended footbridge crossing La Haie lake. This is one hiking trail the kids won’t want to miss!

Even though you settle into a rustic camp, SEPAQ offers unique cabins called Huttopia. It’s a mix between a tent and a cabin. The front holds a normal wooden door but the walls and the roof are made of thick fabric. Hearing raindrops falling on a tent tissue is one thing I love in the summer. Not having to dry my tent before packing is even better!

What to pack:

photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq
photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq

Camping de Val-Jalbert in Lac-St-Jean

You’re wondering what’s so special about this place? Well … Val-Jalbert is a ghost town. Visiting the 1920’s traditional village is great for history. As  an added bonus, at the end of the main road a very nice waterfall pours into the Ouiatchouan river.

For the kids, camping by the village—the ghost town that is—can be so much fun! Make sure to bring your flashlights. You’ll need it when you tell scary stories to the young ones by the campfire.

What to pack:

Forillon National Park in Gaspésie

solar panel.jpgNot far from the Maritimes, Gaspesie is the place to be in the summer. You’ll hear St. Laurent River rocking you to sleep and smell the flowers mixed with sea-inspired odors. While in Gaspesie, you need to reach Percé. The huge rock by the Gulf is a must-see and the region’s iconic symbol.

You’ll be glad to stop by Forillon National Park for a holiday. The area is filled with camping grounds and the choice is yours going the all-rustic road or rent a Parks Canada exclusive oTENTik cabin.

What to pack:

Mont Orford National Park in Eastern Townships


I’ve been to Mt. Orford for vacation and enjoyed my experience. Our camping spot was perfectly even to fit our camping RV with ease. Each personal area was intimate enough for comfort but we could still hear everyone in a community spirit. The large beach is great for all sports, being swimming, canoeing, kayak, even paddle surfing! Loved the evening curfew, perfect to bring the kids not worrying about late (loud) parties although staying outside by our place was allowed.

What to pack:

Fantastic places and where to find them

When on vacation, we want special treats. Going places out of the ordinary, somewhere we’ll remember for years to come. For those who want to see stars in their kids’ eyes, here’s where you need to go!

quebec2.jpgSt-Julien’s cabins in Chaudières-Appalaches

This particular site offers five cabins unique from eachother. You can rent:

  • The Alpha Base (a space station)
  • Caboose (an old train wagon)
  • The Saloon
  • Daniel Boone (rounded-log cabin)
  • The Windmill

Last year, my friend rented the Alpha Base. The kids are huge Star Wars fans so they really appreciated their stay. On site, there’s a lake for swimming and fishing, hiking paths and a rock-climbing activity nearby. The owner’s website claims that the place is bug-free, and according to my friend, it’s true! One of the kids has bug-bite allergies and never suffered from it.

Starting with the 4-person Caboose, the Windmill can welcome up to 20 guests. If you’re planning a family party vacation, it’s the place to go!

Entre Cîmes et Racines in East Campton

All Lord of the Rings fans will fall in love with The Hobbit, this 4-people cabin set in a groundhole! I only saw pictures of it but Entre Cîmes et Racines is one place I want to visit for vacation. See how all doors and windows are round, just like the real Hobbiton houses? Plus, the owners made eco-friendly cabins making sure visitors are in-synch with nature.

Lots of activities will keep your little ones busy such as treasure hunts and a labyrinth. When the night is clear, make sure to bring out a comfy blanket and watch the starry sky. It’ll put magic into your holiday in Quebec.


Those are just a few places for a camping trip this summer. I hope you find your favorites and have a blast visiting our great province. We love welcoming guests so don’t be shy and come say bonjour!

For everything you need on your next camping trip, the Outdoor Hub Page (life-outdoors) and the Camping Page on Best-Buy’s website are the best way to go!

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