New Watch Styles from the Hottest Brands Available At Best Buy

Did you know that Best Buy now carries watches? It’s true! The brand recently added over 2000 new watch styles for both men and women from some of the hottest brands. This includes styles from the likes of Bulova, Michael Kors, Tissot, Omega, Casio, Citizen, Tag, Daniel Wellington, Gucci, and Seiko, among many others. With so many incredible styles and brands to choose from, finding the perfect watch for a loved one, or even for yourself, has never been easier.

The Hottest New Watch Styles

Nowadays watches go far beyond a device to tell time. They act as a reflection of your personal style, and can instantly pull an outfit together. They also provide an easy and quick way to transform your look from casual to dressy, or vice-versa. And for that reason, many of us own multiple watch styles, of different colours, sizes, and designs.

I know I personally have acquired quite the collection over the years! And it doesn’t look like I’m stopping anytime soon. But with so many new watch styles available at Best Buy, can you blame me? Aside from the fact that I can’t actually read an analog watch, I feel right at home with a timepiece on my wrist.

Bulova-Watch-Fashion-Best-BuyIf you couldn’t already tell, I’m someone who wears a watch strictly for fashion. And while I wouldn’t consider myself a watch collector, I’ve definitely acquired a few key styles that I wouldn’t dare part ways with. I think the reason being is that each one serves a completely different purpose in my wardrobe. AKA compliments a different outfit. But truly, what makes my watch collection so spectacular is the fact that it encompasses all four of the major watch styles. Dress, casual, fashion, and sport. Meaning I’m never stuck wondering what watch to pair with my outfit for the evening.

So today, I’m taking a deeper look at each one of these styles; dress, casual, fashion, and sport. We’ll touch on the latest trends, the brands that do these styles the best, and some of my favourite timepieces. For both men and women.

Dress Watches for Men & Women

Seiko-Mens-Dress-Watch-new-Style-best-BuyOf all watch styles available, Dress watches are the most elegant. They tend to be simplistic in nature, with a focus on utility and sleek style, making them subtle, understated, and charming.

When it comes to Dress watches my mind instantly thinks of brands like Bulova and Seiko. These brands have become masters of dress watches for both men and women alike. And have a unique understanding of how to mix classic metal and leather bands with simplistic, sophisticated faces.

For men, Dress watches can instantly enhance the look of a suit. Or alternatively, they can dress up a pair of jeans for a casual night out. These watch styles are incredibly versatile thanks to their classic look and feel. And more often than not, they become the most reached for style in one’s collection.

And the same could be said about women’s Dress watches. A sleek and sophisticated timepiece can add a touch of elegance to a simple black dress, but can also be layered with bracelets for a low-key weekend look. I personally love the look of this Bulova option with subtle diamond accents. The silver metal design is a classic option for both day and night wear, especially when paired with the white dial. And I can’t get over the subtle shimmer this watch boasts thanks to the set of diamonds surrounding the face. Despite being glitzy, these diamonds are never too much for the office!

Casual Watches for Men & Women

Casual watch styles are my personal go-to come the weekend. These styles often have a laid-back feel and minimalistic design that perfectly compliments the weekend. And when it comes to a casual timepiece nothing compares to the now famous Daniel Wellington watch. Although the style itself was certainly not new, Daniel Wellington made the classic white dial with leather band popular this year once again. But it’s important to note that other brands are doing this style just as well, if not better! And not all of these watches feature the simple white face and leather band design.

With such a tremendous selection of casual watches for men and women to choose from I had a difficult time narrowing it down to these few stand-outs. But I simply had to share the following styles from Tissot and Tag for men. And, for women, this gorgeous Gucci watch. Each one is truly unique and yet totally wearable!

Casual Watch Styles for Men and Women at Best BuyFashion Watches for Men & Women

When it comes to fashion-forward watch styles there are a number of bold and outrageous styles that come to mind. But more recently I’ve noticed that more people are opting for watches that feature a mixed metal, or two-tone design. I think the lure of these designs is the fact that they offer a fashion-forward feel, yet maintain an overall sophistication. In fact, often times these styles are seen as an upgrade from a dress watch. And Best Buy constantly has new watch styles arriving that feaSublte Two Tone Watch Styles for Men and Womenture the coveted mixed metal design. And with options for those who prefer the rose gold/silver mix, like me, or the yellow gold/silver combination, anyone can get in on the trend.

Some watches feature the mixed metal trend in a subtle way. As seen in the Bulova and Seiko option shown to the left, for men and women respectively.Bold Two Tone Watch Styles for Men and Women While other styles go bold with the two-tone trend, making it a forefront of the design. This boldness can be seen in the following styles to the right from Omega and Tissot. For men and women respectively.

There’s one thing that is for sure. Regardless of whether you keep it subtle with the two-tone detail or go bold, a watch featuring a mixed metal design is always in fashion.

Sport Watches for Men & Women

The final, and by far the most functional watch style of the bunch is the sports watch. Whether you’re using it to count your daily steps or track your direction via the compass function, a sports watch is bound to become an essential accessory in your wardrobe. Sports-Watch-Citizen-Best-Buy

When I initially thought of a sports watch I thought of brands like G-Shock and Baby-G, both available at Best Buy. But there are a number of options available for both men and women from brands like Bulova and Tissot. These styles remain stylish enough for the office, while still providing information as detailed as air pressure and a compass. And, these watches are more often than not water resistant, making them a great option if you’re likely to leave them on day-in and day-out.

There are quite literally thousands of new watch styles that I could suggest. And hundreds I would recommend. But at the end of they day, so long as you have these four styles covered, you’re already well ahead of the game. That said, it never hurts to look at the new watch styles arriving daily.

Find over 2000 new watches from the hottest brands at Best Buy now!

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