I am a terrible gift-giver. Actually that’s not true. I’m great with everyone, except for my wife. And when Valentine’s Day comes around, I always do the last-minute thing and pick up flowers or chocolate. This past Christmas, however, I hit a homerun with my gift for my significant other. She’s into fitness, so I picked her up a Fitbit watch, and she loves it. It’s the most use I’ve seen her get out of a present from me in a long time. So, in case you were looking for something other than overpriced roses and “guess-which-one-actually-tastes-good” boxes of assorted creams, then I guarantee she’ll love a fashionable and fun watch for Valentine’s Day.

Things to Consider

Before just dashing out and buying anything, you’ve got to think about the person to whom you’re giving the gift. Is she active? Glamourous? Petite? These things matter. Buying a fitness watch for someone who doesn’t give a rat’s rear-end about exercise doesn’t make a lot of sense. Neither does giving a fancy watch to someone who prefers outdoor adventure and would definitely test anything that’s too dainty. So, make sure the watch you choose matches the personality. Other things to consider are the watch face colour and size, as well as the size of the strap. Make sure you’re not buying something that’s going to look like your significant other is wearing a grandfather clock on her wrist. You also want to buy something that matches the way she dresses… style and colour. Show her you’re paying attention and know her well enough to pick out something she’s going to wear every day. Also make sure she’s not allergic to any particular materials, as well. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a burning, itchy rash. Here are a few great watches that she will love:


buluva-diamondsBulova Diamonds Women’s Analog Dress Watch bulova-2Bulova Women’s Analog Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystals tisotTissot T-Classic Lady Heart Automatic Mother of Pearl Dial Brown Leather Ladies Watch


With just a little more than two weeks to go, choosing the right fashionable and fun watch for Valentine’s Day can show her you can put as much thought into this celebration of romance as you do for Christmas and her birthday. Give her something more personal than sugary confections, and more permanent than an already-wilting bouquet of flowers. Yes… for Valentine’s Day this year, give her something (wait for it) … timeless. Now, since I already covered the watch-for-a-present at Christmas … someone needs to give me some Valentine’s Day options. Anyone?

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