During the holidays, everyone seems to focus on the perfect jewelry gift for her. But what about the other half of that equation? Doesn’t the Mr. who’s been good all year long deserve something shiny this winter, too?

Put a ring on it

The most stylish jewelry gift for him this year isn’t the perfect tie pin or the coolest cufflinks. Nope: it’s the perfect ring. Gone are the days when men were only allowed to wear one ring (their wedding band), and you know what I say? Good riddance to the old days!

I’ve dated a lot of guys who loved wearing jewelry, and the perfect ring on a man can be incredibly sexy. A great piece of jewelry gives the same enticing je ne sais quoi to a man that it does for a woman, and rings are a very understated place to begin.

A stylish ring fits in well where other items of jewelry (like that seashell necklace your boyfriend wore when you were 17) may not, and it looks great on the right or left hand during an evening out. My favourite men’s rings at Best Buy are all from Le Reve, who make very affordable, durable tungsten men’s rings in a range of sizes.

All of the Le Reve men’s rings feature a thick, wide band, which suits a man’s larger hands and gives a more masculine feel to the ring–they’re unmistakably bold and masculine. I love the Le Reve Collection Black Tungsten Ring (featured at the top of this post), which features two rows of woven black carbon fibre, and the Le Reve Collection Silver Tungsten Ring (at right, with its braided stainless steel rope) would be a similar option in all silver. I can definitely see the Black Tungsten Ring on a stylish 20-something, and the Silver Tungsten Ring would be a stunning pick for someone in their early 30s working on building a more professional wardrobe.

For a more distinguished men’s ring, Le Reve’s gold line is a great choice. The Classic 10K Yellow Gold with 0.05ctw I2-I3 White Round Diamond Accent Ring would make a beautiful holiday gift for a big anniversary year–you and your partner’s 25th anniversary, for instance, or his 60th birthday year.

Watch yourself (give someone the best gift ever)

Another great style pick for men during the holiday season is the perfect watch. Like women, it’s a great idea for watch-wearing guys to have a watch wardrobe. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same shoes to hockey as you would to a wedding, so why should your watch be the same?

I love a man in a chunky, all-metal watch (like the Maserati Epoca Men’s Dress Analog Watch), although I might be biased! My partner always wears his silver watch on date night, and that could definitely be skewing my results.

For everyday wear, I think a smartwatch is a great gift for a guy–perhaps one of the best. A great smartwatch is like a multiple-front assault: it’s a conversation starter, a helpful piece of tech, a fitness tracker, and a stylish accessory. The Apple watch and the Pebble Smartwatch are definitely the biggest names in this game, but I really like what Motorola has been coming out with recently, too. The Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch (pictured here in Stone Grey) has in-built voice control, all-day battery life, and 4 GB of storage to download all the apps you need off of Google Play.

My last watch pick today–and the last gift pick of this post–is something that definitely has the most appeal with younger men: abstract analog watches. These seem to be one of those style choices that 20- and 30-somethings of both genders absolutely love, but that the over-fifty crowd is often amicably puzzled about.

Watches like the Storm London Remi Men’s Analog Watch, and the rest of the Storm line, are hard to read at first glance but undeniably modern and trendy. They’re a great conversation starter (especially in the tech and startup world), and if you’re looking for a gift that’ll land you the “best girlfriend/sister/mom/best friend EVER” label, look no further than one of these abstract designs!

Happy holidays, from me to you… and your pretty, shiny new gift ideas.



Rae Chen
Rae Chen covers everything from handbags to speakers here on the Best Buy Plug-in Blog. They can also be found at thenotice.net, where they've been writing about beauty & wellness since 2007.