As a style writer, I’ve fallen into the mental rut of “EVERY big occasion is a great occasion for jewelry,” but this time, I am definitely, definitely right about it. There’s no better time of year to celebrate the woman in your life with something sparkly than the holidays, and there’s no better way to do it than with something lasting!

(I mean, sure there are lots of other sparkly options out there, but somehow I doubt that edible body glitter or sparkly gummy bears are going to have quite the same effect as the perfect pair of earrings.)

And speaking of… here are a few top contenders for the perfect pair of earrings

This November on the Plug-In Blog, I’ve talked about the best jewelry gifts for men and the best style gifts for women, but I haven’t had a chance to touch on the best jewelry picks until now. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today, so I hope you’re sitting safely down and you’re ready for the ride!

Earrings are a great holiday gift for anyone whose exact size you’re not sure of (like shoes, they always fit!) so I’ve picked out five earring ideas to share with you today. First off: the birthstone earring. I’ve written about birthstones plenty of times in the past (about 12, to be exact), and if you haven’t seized the moment and purchased the perfect birthstone set for your loved one yet, the holidays are a great time to do it. Birthstone-themed gifts are especially great for younger girls (in the 5-18 age range), because they tend to start at a lower price point and they can make a great introduction to jewelry with an added twist of sentimental value.

Plus, I mean, what twelve-year-old wasn’t obsessed with their birthstone for at least a couple of years? The stories around the stones are always all “protection this” and “immortality that;” how could you not get a little wrapped up in all of the mythology?

But! Beyond the birthstone, there are four other ways that you can go with an earring set. For a girlfriend, you could go super-cute, like with the Classic Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Ball with Multi-colour Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings (which I LOVE); for a partner, you could go classic, like with the Classic 14K White Gold with 0.5ctw SI2-SI3 White Round Diamond Stud Earrings; for a mom who really loves the holidays, you could go winter-themed, like with the Classic Sterling Silver with 0.056ctw I2-I3 White Diamond Snowflake Stud Earrings; or you could go for a statement look for a recipient of any age, like with the Statement Silver with Blue Oval Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings.

All of these different kinds of earrings would make wonderful gifts for the holiday season, but it’s up to you to figure out which way would best suit the woman in your life. Choose wisely, and good luck!

Best bracelets & new necklaces

The verdict is officially in: charm bracelets are officially out. They had a great run, but now it’s time for tennis bracelets and diamond links to have their time in the sun (again).

My favourite bracelet pick at Best Buy this year is the Modern Sterling Silver With Blue Round Created Sapphire and White Sapphire Swirl Bracelet, which makes me think of oceans and waves: like relationships, they’re sometimes gentle, sometimes tumultuous, and always something that can either help you get to where you’re going or unmoor you completely.

For necklaces, on the other hand, I’m loving a simple diamond on a white gold chain (like in the Classic 14K White Gold Chain and 0.50ct I2-I3 White Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant), or something in rose gold. I have a feeling that rose gold is slowly on its way out, so rose-lovers should take the next year or two to snap up all of their favourite pieces… they’ll all still look great in ten years, but the selection might be leaning more towards the silver end of things again by then!

To complete your gift, try pairing a necklace or bracelet with a nice bottle of wine: rosé for a rose gold piece, white for a silver piece, and red for something in the classic yellow gold.

Add a right hand ring

I always get a little starry-eyed while going through Best Buy’s ring catalogue for posts like this one, but today, the Classic 10K White Gold with White Round Created Sapphire & 0.10ctw I2-I3 White Diamond Ring and Classic 10K White Gold with Blue Cushion-Cut Aquamarine & 0.05ctw I2-I3 White Diamond Ring really popped out at me. I love the little pops of colour on the sapphire and diamond ring, and the aquamarine blue in the cushion-cut is just so pretty and unique–as I write this, I keep having to stop myself from switching tabs back and fourth so I can go peer at it again.

But my last, best, and final pick for you today is a gift that would be perfect for just one person in your life, and only in just the right moment. The Classic 10K Pink Gold with Pink Round Morganite & 0.05ctw I1-I2 White Diamond Ring would make a beautiful anniversary or holiday gift, sure, but I mean… have you seen it? It, or something like it, would make such a beautiful Christmas-gift-slash-surprise-engagement-ring. It’s unique for an engagement ring but classically styled, and the diamonds are all conflict-free. This style of ring is often unexpected as an engagement ring, but absolutely standout–and what girl doesn’t want that?

Finally, I want to end today with a quick reminder to buy your gifts early. Three hours spent picking just the right piece will all go to waste if it’s sold out by the time you order, and it’s never too early to be ready for the holidays! The sooner you’re done, the sooner you can get cooking, baking, and mistletoe-hanging.

Happy holidays!



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