drone.jpgThis blog is dedicated to all those who are interested in the wonderful world of drones at the hobbyist level. This simply means that you enjoy drones purely for the pleasure and relaxation they bring you. If you are new to the drone hobby, or are currently contemplating becoming involved, the information below will help you to get started. The 3 drones I’m covering today are all great examples of hobbyist level models, whether you’re just getting started or already have some experience in, and knowledge of, the drone hobby. The first drone up for consideration is perfect for hobbyists of all experience and knowledge levels.


This unit, called the Parrot Rolling Spider Mini-Drone, is super light, highly stable, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. On its 8 minutes of running time, It can fly through the air or drive on the walls & ceiling. Its oversize wheels are perfect for indoor flying, acting as a buffer between the drone’s rotor blades (which automatically stop spinning in the event of a collision) and whatever objects the drone comes into contact with. This takes all of the pressure off of first time pilots!


The wheels come off for outdoor use, and an on-board mini camera allows you to take amazing aerial shots during flight. This adds considerable enjoyment to outdoor flying and may even lead to a whole new interest in photography. The Parrot can even perform basic turns and loops with the simple tap or swipe of a finger, and a free app is available for acrobatic and trick flying. There really isn’t much that this drone can’t do. It’s compatible with multiple devices (including iPads, iPhones, and Android products), and can reach top speeds of up to 18 Km/H. You’ll be racing with your friends in no time! Overall, the Parrot Rolling Spider is an excellent hobby model for any drone enthusiast!



The second model I’d like to consider is decidedly NOT an indoor / outdoor model! The Protocol Dronium RC QuadCopter is all power, all outdoors! It’s also the perfect model for all of the amateur photographers out there. Its HD camera (complete with 2 GB memory card) can shoot up to 800 high quality photographs or record as much as 30 minutes of equally awesome video! Of course, the rechargeable battery only has about 7 minutes of flight time per charge, so that 30 minute video will have to be broken up a bit.

As for its flight capabilities, the Protocol Dronium features a full complement of easy to operate directional controls (including forward, reverse, left, right, ascend, descend, trim, and record) as well as superior wind resistance and a continuous rolling feature. It is very stable during flight, and its 2.4 Gig Technology makes for clear signal transmission & reduced interference. Intended for users ages 14 and up, this drone was not designed for children. However, it is fairly durable and features quality, lightweight construction. All in all, this QuadCopter is sure to please any drone hobbyist—particularly those with a bent towards photography! 

The final drone on my list, representing the absolute pinnacle of hobby drones, is the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter, and it’s got more features than you can even imagine! Among its best are HD video recording (whereby video is sent to your smart phone or tablet at the end of your flight), a built-in sensor system that corrects for wind conditions and adds position-holding stability in winds of up to 15 mph, and the AR.Drone Academy (which allows you to track, store, and share your flight data, location, video, and photographs with a network of other pilots all over the world). These are some amazing features, but they barely scratch the surface!

Others include the ability to fly up to 165 feet away, full flight control through your smart phone or tablet, an autopilot feature for easy take off and landing, a patented system called “Absolute Control” for beginners (which can be adjusted down as the pilot acquires skill & confidence), a USB port (for adding additional storage via a memory stick), and many other features. For the serious drone hobbyist, there is no doubt that the Parrot AR.Drone is a top of the line model that will provide hours of fun.

If you’re already a drone hobbyist, or are thinking of becoming one, you really must take a look at Best Buy’s complete selection of drones for hobbyists. You’ll be glad you did!



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