debra-wearable-tech-martian.jpgHello Earthlings! TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER! …I’ve always wanted to say that!

Hey guys, its Debra your wearable technology girlfriend and general nuisance. Today we’re discussing the Martian Victory Series Voice Command watch. So here we are with another watch that does stuff other than just be a watch. Who just tells time anymore!? BORING!

(Please note: all of this makes me feel very old. Remember learning to tell time? That’s over with now. No telling time and no cursive writing. Good work earth.)


The Martian Victory Series watch is essentially your phone on your wrist. It sends you notifications from all of your social media: texts, phone calls—with caller ID etc. (for us judgmental folks). It basically does all the stuff that your smart phone does but without you having to get your phone out of your purse or pants pocket or bra. (I don’t judge.)

BECAUSE WHO HAS TIME TO GET THEIR PHONE OUT? Right? Not us busy people! Often, most of us are carrying stuff—double fisted style: a bag of groceries in one arm, and your child in the other; a coffee and the secret files from your office; an Academy Award and a Jake Gyllenhaal …. OR perhaps you’re one of those couples who just can not let go of each other’s hands. Aw. Good for you. (Barf)


The thing is, the Martian Victory Series Watch is REALLY hands free. You can send texts and/or reply by using simple voice commands; i.e., “Send” “Reply” “Sassafras!” (Ok, that last one might not work.) And you can answer your calls thru the watch, and even make quick calls too. But this guy goes one step beyond; you can actually have a full conversation using your watch. It’s GET SMART come to life! Finally! This is it. We are now in the future and very soon we will all be wearing one piece silver jumpsuits! YES! It’s efficient, it’s convenient and you look like a spy. I can’t give you more than that, people!

This means there will be no more dropped phones, no missing an important call when you can’t get to your phone and best of all—you can text whilst on the toilet and it’s much less gross! (Oh what, that’s just me? Liars.) FREEDOM! Sing it with me!

It’s as if a small robot assistant lives on your wrist! You can check your Facebook wall, you can Tweet on the run—you will never be away from social media for more than a moment! Give The Martian to your surly teenager and perhaps you’ll hear their voice again! IT BRINGS FAMILIES TOGETHER!

The Martian also comes equipped with a “Leash” that allows you to know where your phone is at all times (within reason, it’s not a stalker) and, who doesn’t love a leash? It’s like EL James made this watch! (Look it up non-perverts). It also is equipped to help you find it when you’ve lost it in your house. You simply tap the Martian Menu (that’s honestly what it’s called) and your phone will call out to you. This will definitely reduce the amount you yell at yourself, your husband, the cat …

The future is here, gang. I know we all wanted to be thinner by now, but it’s ok. I hear those silver jumpsuits are very slimming.

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