debra-fitbitcharge-HR.jpgHi guys! It’s Debra, your wearable technology spirit animal. Follow me into the world of awesomeness! Today, we’re talking Fitbit Charge HR.

Now, at first, when my pals at Best Buy Canada gave me the Fitbit Charge HR to try out, I was kind of shocked. I mean, I’ve previously discussedmy obsession with my FitbitI use it everyday. Am I not exercising enough for you, Best Buy? Is your new CEO my mother?

But then I realized that, as usual, my tech savvy friends are opening my eyes to another life-enhancer! And, although I love my Fitbit, I think I’m IN LOVE with the Charge HR. Like, true love, the “let’s get married and have babies” love.

charge HR2.jpg

O My Heart

My absolute favourite part of the Charge HR is—you guessed it—the HR (which actually stands for Heart Rate, not Hardcore Rap, as I may or may not have previously thought). The HR has an automatic, continuous heart rate monitor, allowing you to track your progress in real time, without needing to wear a cumbersome chest strap (Yes, that’s right, we have been UNLEASHED!).

If you’re trying to get into shape (or STAY in shape, for you terrifyingly thin people) then raising your heart rate to a proper level is super important. You ever see someone on the treadmill and they’re just barely walking (it’s probably me; come say hi!), reading a magazine, talking on the phone, baking a cake … and you think, “What’s the point of that?” Believe me, any movement is good. If that movement keeps your heart rate in the PROPER ZONE then you’ll burn through fat and calories faster than Jennifer Aniston burns through relationships. The HR makes you efficient—no wasting time, no guessing, no confusion. I love all of those things!


OH, ALSO!!! There’s a sleep tracker to monitor how well you snooze.  It can even wake you up with a silent, vibrating alarm … which is pretty much like Ryan Gosling gently kissing you awake (I think it is, I mean, I don’t actually have proof, yet). The beautiful OLED display shows the time, your daily stats, has a stopwatch function, and has Caller ID! So, when you’re working out, you can see who is calling you and easily ignore your family, boss, boyfriend … THIS THING IS PERFECT!

Sure, The Fitbit Charge HR does all the stuff you need (calorie counter, step counter, distance, etc.), but this little beast is rife with bonus features (yes, I just said RIFE. Look it up, people). It has an exercise tracker (real time run stats and running routes), a five-day battery life, and it wirelessly syncs to laptops and 120 of the most popular smartphones (I didn’t even know there were 120 smartphones!). Plus it’s lightweight and sleek. And, really cute as heck!

Seriously, what more could you possibly want? Huh?! WHAT!? I ASK YOU?! DO YOU WANT BLOOD?

Okay, that escalated quickly. But it also got my heart rate up, so it’s okay. According to my Fitbit Charge HR, three more outbursts and I’m done my workout for the day. SUCCESS!!

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