Hey gang, Debra here!

The New Year approaches and I know we’re all making our resolutions to become the perfect person (because THAT happens). And like a lot of you, my resolution for the last few (16) years has been to get into shape, to get healthy and fit! Now, I’m not saying I’m UN-fit, but yeah … that’s exactly what I’m saying.

It’s not like I haven’t tried in the past to be get more ripped than Hugh Jackman. You name it, I’ve done it. Once, I did this thing where I just ate cabbage soup for a month (DO NOT do that, you will lose all your friends). I’ve tried expensive personal trainers and new gyms with hip/terrifying fitness trends with names like Zimbo and Tea-Bro (Or something like that. I can’t remember, I wasn’t paying attention as you would know had you read my last blog article about the MUSE Brain Sensing headband). 


There comes a point when you just want to scream “WHAT IS A NORMAL WAY TO GET HEALTHY? AND, DOES THIS MUUMUU COME IN GREEN!?” Now, the rational part of my brain knows that my attempting “Stripper Fit” is going to end in tears (not just mine) and that the best way to get healthy is to simply eat less and move more. (WHO KNEW?!) But how much do I need to move and not eat? I’m not a doctor (I just like wearing lab coats), I’m just a regular human trying to be healthier.

SO! My peeps at Best Buy hooked me up with some more of their Wearable Tech – and I got to try out the new FitBit Charge.

This has changed everything.

The Fitbit is a lovely little wristband/bracelet/watch type situation that gives you the 4-1-1 on what the heck is going on inside your body.

It counts calories (making out with Adam Levine burns 230 calories, BTW). It calculates walking distance and how many steps you’ve taken in your day (37 trips to the bathroom adds up) and it even tracks your sleep patterns.

All of this is accomplished by simply wearing a small, comfortable little doohickey (not the official term) on your wrist. You can even set fitness goals, see your progress and analyze trends on your phone or computer via the Fitbit dashboard! It’s sort of like having your own physician/nutritionist living on your arm! Basically, you don’t have to think. The Fitbit does it all for you. I LOVE NOT THINKING!

I’m not saying I’m going to become a supermodel using the Fitbit, but maybe I’ll walk more, sleep better, and get more knowledgeable in the process. That sounds like a pretty good plan to me. And the Adam Levine kissing thing: that sounds pretty good too.

Want to learn more?  Here is a video of me testing the Fitbit charge:

You can also learn more about wearable tech at Best

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