debra-misfit-beddit.jpgIt’s heating up over here at Best Buy Canada Blog Central (it’s a thing!). When I asked the team what was up for this week, they said, “BEDDIT”. I responded, “Absolutely. Which guy is ‘IT’?”

Beddit, I quickly found out, is a new sleep monitor. Ahem. I always thought a sleep monitor was a creepy roommate, but the good people at Best Buy Canada showed me the light!

Here’s the thing, youngsters, when you get old (you know, 25 or 26ish—like me) things start to change. Music is suddenly too loud, your knees click like crazy, and all you want is for those troublemaking kids to “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Also, your sleep patterns change. There’s no more sleeping like a stone until 1pm. SORRY TO BURST YOUR SLEEP BUBBLE! Eventually, sleep becomes something you worry about and discuss with your friends. Then you all get stressed and worried together and no one sleeps! Wow. Being an adult is actually more fun than I’m describing. It’s not all bad (no homework, no curfew, free colonoscopys).


The new Misfit Beddit  (disclaimer: not just for misfits!) is a very different sleep monitor from what we’ve seen in the not so distant past—because you don’t have to wear the Beddit. Instantly, that fact alone makes the Beddit better in my books (I have books! Like, three). There is no gadget on your wrist or chest disrupting your sleep (leaving you free to kick and thrash the zombie hoards).

Thanks to the “no wear-factor”, you’ll get a more accurate read of the night and, of course, more SLEEP. It’s a thin magic strip (disclaimer: not really magic) you attach to your mattress (the most action my bed has seen in years, am I right? Hello?? Is this thing on?) and then you basically just sleep. Now, THAT, I can do.

While you’re snoozing it up, Beddit is hard at work tracking your heart rate, your snoring patterns (YOU don’t snore, of course, you’re a delicate flower), and also supplies a selection of ambient noise. I like to drift off to the dulcet tones of Chris Hemsworth whispering my name.

The Misfit Beddit also has this wonderful alarm system that wakes you during a lighter sleep cycle. We have different sleep cycles (who knew?) and the essential one is REM (it’s not just a band from the 90’s). If you wake up during REM, you’ll feel tired and groggy all day (it’ll feel like the end of the world as you know it … sorry). Beddit fixes it so you wake up gently at an appropriate part of your cycle, ensuring that you feel rested and energized. With its beautiful app tracking system, you can see all things sleep with graphs, charts, and other things I thought were reserved for accountants!

AND, the most exciting part: better sleep gives you better dreams! Here’s a tip from Aunty Debra: watch the movie Thor six times in a row, get Chris Hemsworth bedroom wallpaper, and use Beddit. Voila! Dreams you definitely won’t be telling your mother about. You’re welcome.

Plus, it’s kinda fun to tell everyone you had a Misfit in your bed last night. Ok, JUST fun for me …

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