Smartwatches are the quintessential wearable devices. As technology products that are also fashion statements, it is great that we can change watchfaces to mirror our moods and interests.

It is even better when we can change our straps from sporty, to casual to formal to best suit our moods.

Changing watch straps on a smart watch is the next best thing to having a collection of smart watches. While most watches can take replaceable straps, it usually requires a special tool or a costly visit to a watch technician in store or at the mall. This is changing for wearables.

Some of the smart watches in the market right now are veritable changelings that can serve as rugged sports and activity trackers, functional and stylish day watches and even a fomal dress watch for evening affairs. Here are some smartwatches that make changing straps and bands easy.

Apple Watch


The Apple Watch has elevated interchangeable bands into an art form. The range of materials and colours available for the Apple Watch is simply staggering.

There’s the basic flourastormer or vinyl straps, leather straps in various styles, chainmail Milanese loops and even linked bracelets as well as special edition Hermes and even Coach branded straps. There are also various third-party bands that range in price.

The simplicity and ease of replacing Apple straps is a key feature that makes it easy for anyone to change bands. Two simple locks make it possible to slip off and slip on new straps.

Pebble Time


Pebble Time has a similarly easy to replace mechanism on its straps that allow the removal of the included rubber straps with one quick motion.

There are a variety of rubber, leather and even metal straps that can be easily installed. Even the popular NATO type straps can easily be slipped in to change the look of the Pebble Time.

Asus ZenWatch 2

The Asus ZenWatch 2 Android Wear watch takes customization to the next level.

You can choose from 50 professionally designed watch faces or create your own with FaceDesigner. When it comes to watch straps, there are a wide variety to choose from as well.

The lightweight rubber straps in various colours offer a rugged option that’s good for more active users. There are also some high quality leather straps that add a touch of class as well as a more formal metal bands

Motorola Moto 360


The second generation Motorola Moto 360 is another Android Wear device that takes customization seriously. Moto has made various strap options available for the Moto 360, and these are easy to remove without any tools. I find the Horween Leather bands to be supple and comfortable, but there are also metal link bracelets as well as sportier rubber bands one can use.

Because of the ease of removal, I’ve replaced my Moto 360 straps with various third-party bands including colourful NATO straps, premium leather straps and dressier stainless steel linked bracelets. It’s great to be able to change straps depending on your mood or to match your clothes.

Fitbit Blaze

fitbit-blaze-6-1452530000-pxDs-column-width-inline.jpgWhile the Fitbit Blaze is more of a fitness tracker than a smart watch, it does copy the look, feel and functionality of smartwatches including the ability to quickly change straps and bands.

Since the Fitbit Blaze is basically a pod, that slides out of the band and retaining metal enclosure, slipping it off an into a new band is extremely easy and fast.

Fitbit offers rubber bands in various colours but you can also get leather as well as metal bands to change up your look.

Gadjo Sevilla
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