The radiant sun is out, the flowers are in full bloom, and the patio furniture has finally made a long awaited appearance. This can only mean one thing: summer is just around the corner! For many, the thoughts of beaches and barbecues evoke a rush of excitement, but if you’re like me, you’re more worried about how you’re going to fit in your swimsuit. If you’re lacking the motivation to whip your behind into shape, I don’t blame you!  Making myself exercise on a regular basis and pushing my body to its limits is no simple task. Thankfully, I’ve discovered some awesome products to make fitness not only easier, but enjoyable as well. Here are my picks to help you get in shape for summer.


Getting in shape starts with setting a goal. The problem I face is that once I set one, I tend to weasel my way out of it when I’m feeling lazy. The Garmin vivosmart activity tracker helps you stay on track. The vivosmart learns your current activity level and then assigns you realistic goals daily.  It tracks your steps, distance, time, and calories burned so you can easily monitor your progress. Once you meet your milestones, the activity tracker adjusts your future goals to push you further.


I absolutely dread running. It’s just not for me! If you’re on the same boat, get your cardio fix with the Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical trainer.  With 7 training modes and 24 magnetic resistance levels, this elliptical machine is sure to get your heart pumping. The machine also wirelessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can receive your workout stats. 

Want that killer beach bod? If so, you’ll need to do some strength
training too. Recently, I’ve incorporated kettlebells to my workouts and love how they challenge my entire body. From swinging to lifting, these versatile weights burn fat and help develop lean muscle.  I recommend the GoFit 20lbs. Kettlebell because its ergonomic design wraps around your wrist and forearm to deliver a comfortable workout experience.  If you want to build muscle in the comfort of your own home, check out the Everlast Ultimate Total-Body Workout Kit. An upper body strength bar works your shoulders, biceps, and chest, while the power ab wheel uses a smooth rolling action to toughen up your abs.


Maintaining motivation is something I struggle with regularly. I wish I had a personal trainer to keep me engaged but unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to hire one. Luckily, the Jabra Sport Coach wireless headphones function as a personal trainer without the hefty price tag. Once connected to the Jabra Sport Life app on your smartphone, the headphones become an in-ear training coach that instructs you while you exercise and provides personalized, inspiring messages to keep you driven. The headphones also feature the TrackFit advanced motion sensor to ensure you’re always exercising at the right intensity.

10273678_3.jpgI work in an office environment and can’t stand the fact that I sit on my tush for 8 hours a day. That’s why I got super excited when I discovered the PurAthletics Ball Chair.  This unique chair helps improve your posture and strengthens your core muscles. It’s like getting a workout while you work!

If you want to get in shape, you’ll need to focus on diet and nutrition too. I’ll let you in on a secret: healthy eating has never come easy to me. Feel the same way? Don’t worry, not all hope is lost. I found the best way to increase my fruit and vegetable intake is to make smoothies. If you like smoothies a10366456.jpgs much as I do, you’ll benefit from the Hamilton Beach 3-Speed Digital Smoothie Blender. This blender features WaveAction technology so you can whip up perfectly blended smoothies every time.

After an intense workout, you’ll also need to replenish your body with the nutrients you’ve lost. The BioSteel Sports Advanced Recovery Formula is loaded with protein and carbohydrates to help your body recover quickly. It’s also designed to increase your muscle protein synthesis so you can achieve a lean body mass faster.

With summer almost here, there is no better time than now to shed those lingering holiday pounds. I hope my picks have inspired you to get off the couch and start the journey to healthy living. If you’re interested in more fitness gear, check out Best Buy’s VIVA Healthy Living page for a huge selection of equipment, wearable tech, supplements, and more.

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