tracy-mother-gearS.jpgLast week I blogged about getting your sweat on by creating a low-cost home gym. Having adjustable dumbbells, a yoga mat, kettle bell and stability ball on standby in the basement makes squeezing a little fitness in that much easier.

Still unconvinced?

Well how about taking your fitness outside the home? Nope—not the gym. There are ways to get fit without super sets, drop sets, lat pull-downs or a cable machine. And if what I just wrote is Latin to you then really pay attention! Are you a little competitive? When your kid is on the soccer field do you sort of really, REALLY want them to score a goal?  When you have family game night do you kind of want to beat your 12-year-old at Monopoly?  In a friendly game of pick-up basketball do you sometimes trip your friend? Ok that last question was un-called for, but if you answered yes to any of the above, then think about getting an activity tracker.




You wear these devices on your wrist and they track everything from how many steps you took, to how many calories you burned to how many hours you slept last night. I have known some of the laziest couch potatoes to start jogging on the spot because their numbers aren’t where they should be by mid-day. I admit, I was shallow enough to have balked at wearing these trackers because I didn’t want them to clash with my carefully styled TV outfits. But then some genius came out with different coloured bands so that you can change them up depending on your “look” for the day.

Get competitive with yourself and see if your waist and belly responds. It can’t hurt.

When I hit a fitness rut, I also like taking it outside and joining community races that raise money for one of the many causes I support (CIBC Run for the Cure, Sporting Life 10K, Girls on the Run etc.). These runs are never about going fast which is why I recommend them for beginners. What could be better than camaraderie, sweat and charity all wrapped up in a ball of fitness?   I’m even debating trying the dirty, crazy world of obstacle races. They usually include mud, misery and mayhem but everyone tells me they’re a blast. If I do it, I’m going to track my run with a GoProone of the coolest ways to record   outdoor activity. And trust me, what looks hotter than wearing a camera that looks like a third eye on your forehead? Oh, what’s that? Not hot at all? Who cares. The footage will be worth it!


You might also want to try running with a network connected smart phone like the Samsung  Gear S. This way no matter what email, phone message or meeting alert pops up you can be on top of it before you get home. No cumbersome smartphone tag-a-long required! 

So there you have it, a few other options to get your heart rate up. If you wonder why I’m so stuck on fitness, it’s because it’s the one thing I can rely on to put me a in a good mood every day. Why would you pass up the opportunity to make yourself feel good whenever you get the chance?

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