tracy-mother-blog3.jpgHow many moms can relate to this? You’re under the weather but have at least three loads of laundry, a sick parent who needs support, kids who need everything (meals, homework help, attention) and your own work outside the home to get done.

What do you do?

If you’re like 99.9% of us you suck it up buttercup and get stuff done! But I’m working hard on joining the 0.01% of moms who actually stop and take a time out. I think it makes us better people to put our own names higher up on our list of things to do. In working towards that goal, I have some suggestions.

Firstly, try to surround yourself with things that make you happy. And that doesn’t mean you have to book yourself a weekend trip in Paris. But hey if you can do this, run don’t walk! Grab a good piece of luggage and get the heck out of here before someone changes their mind about watching your kids. But if this is too much, you can bring a piece of Paris home by incorporating items into your décor that remind you of gorgeous places. When I started dating my husband he took me to Paris for our first  vacation. Was he trying to impress me?  YES. Did it work? YES. And now when we see objects or art that remind us our time in France we’ve been known to purchase it just to keep some of those good memories close by.

Secondly, make time to pamper yourself. I know it’s hard to get out of the house for a mani/pedi and maybe you don’t want to spend the money. Why not bring that luxury home with a portable foot massager or pedicure set. Grab your favourite nail polish colour and have at it. If you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to do this, then go ahead. And when the banging on the bathroom door gets really loud, don’t feel guilty. You’ve earned this. (They will give up … eventually). Can’t afford a top-notch stylist? Grab yourself some high-end styling tools and do your own thing for once. Give yourself a break from throwing your hair into a ponytail for the umpteenth time.


Thirdly, you are under no obligation to wait for someone to buy you pretty jewellery and accessories, especially if you’ve got a job outside of the home. Go ahead and purchase that beautiful rose gold watch, those stunning earrings or that beautiful tote. 

Keep in mind, as I said off the top, I am working toward this goal of putting myself higher on my own list. Full disclosure: I am writing this blog while feeling completely crappy with a cold and sipping Neo Citran. But, I did skip the laundry and asked my husband to make the kids’ lunches. Progress! 

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