It’s December 6 and for me, that means two things: (1) the holiday party season is officially in full swing and (2) I’ve failed to get a head start on my shopping for yet another year in a row. To make things easier for myself, I’m sticking to a theme for the adults on my list, which is why Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas is all about gifts for the beer and wine fan, including a mini fridge, glassware, and my personal favourite, the Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System.


Why a mini fridge is perfect for wine fansbar-fridge

Whether you prefer red or white wine a mini fridge like this stainless steel beverage centre from Cavavin is a great addition to any kitchen or rec room. It is specifically designed to create a stable temperature zone, which not only increases wine’s short- and long-term storage, but brings out its true flavour potential as well–and this is the case for both red and white wines. In fact, regardless of the varietal, wine should be kept at a temperature of between 55° and 57°. However, most wine drinkers keep their whites in the fridge, leaving them far too cold at around 35°, and their reds in a room temperature environment, leaving them far too warm at around 70°. Of course, they are also a great way to keep your beer ready-to-drink cold as well!


Enjoy beer and wine with the appropriate glassware

spiegelau-beer-glassAfter you hit a certain age, drinking beer and wine out of any old glass simply won’t do. That’s why specialty glassware is a great gift idea for any beer or wine enthusiast. I’m a big fan of these Spiegelau Beer Classics Pilsner Glasses not only for their classic aesthetic, but for the fact that they are designed so that when the glass is tipped back, extra air increases the pleasant clove or banana aromas that usually characterize wheat beers.

For the wine drinkers out there, a set of Riedel glasses is a great grift idea. Not only are they made from fine crystal that happens to be dishwasher safe, but also there’s a special Riedel glass for almost every grape varietal imaginable, from Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot to Riesling and everything in between.


Fizzics takes beer drinking up a notchfizzics

Last but not least on my list of gift ideas for the beer and wine lover is the Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System. I recently reviewed the Fizzics system, and I honestly cannot stop talking about it to everyone I meet. Through some sort of physics that is beyond my comprehension, Fizzics improves the flavour and mouth feel of beer from any can, bottle, or 64-oounce growler. It doesn’t need any fancy CO2, and is simply powered by four AA batteries, but trust me, once you tap your first beer, you won’t even care how it works, you’ll just want to use it all the time.


I always enjoy gifting my loved ones with items I know they will enjoy and use, so if you have anyone on your list who likes to imbibe in beer or wine, then one of these items will be sure to please. Cheers!

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  1. Hi Darci! Unfortunately this isn’t a prize pack, but some gift ideas for those who like their beer and wine. I’d love it if it were a prize though! Maybe next year?!

  2. What a nice prize pack, I would love a wine cooler an my boyfriend likes draft beer; this is as exciting as when the espresso machines went mainstream, having the comfort in your home to make a better beer!

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