Home offices traditionally get very little decorating attention (or funding) as they often serve as a spot to do quick work on weekends, as a place to store files, and the perfect place to hide last minute clutter when guests arrive. Men’s home offices can quickly turn into a makeshift workspace/man cave disaster, but a cluttered and disorganized work space makes it difficult to concentrate and be productive.  

Here are some simple yet stylish items to help you create a stylish and organized home office.


The desk is the centerpiece of a home office and forms the basis of the room’s overall look. If you are like me and spread out your papers while you work, set up your office around the Bester Somerville L-Shaped Workstation with Somerville Hutch. The spacious L-shape allows you to have one desk for your computer and one desk for any paperwork or reference documents. The black base and dark wood tabletop gives this desk a professional look and the shelves above the workstation allow you to neatly store binders and textbooks.

Office a bit on the small side? You may want to think about investing in a more compact desk like the Monarch Hollow-Core Computer Desk and pairing it South Shore Axess Printer Stand. This will allow you to neatly store your printer and documents without compromising any of your desk space.


When I think of a man’s home office, I always imagine an oversize leather office chair like the Zuo Hi-Back Director Office Chair. The chrome steel provides a sturdy frame and the leather plush cushions will allow you to comfortably work for hours.

If you are setting up a home office for a small business, you may want to think about organizing a space for clients. You can easily do this by placing two Zuo Enterprise Conference Chairs in front of your desk or placing three Monarch Leather-Look Accent Chairs around the Nexera Boomerang Fine Textured Oval Lacquer Coffee Table.


An office should have lots of lighting options. For your desk, I like the sleek and modern look of the Green Image Tech LED Desk Lamp. Available in black and grey, this lamp has a touch on/off button and heat dissipating technology to stop the lamp from overheating. If there are other chairs in your office, I would recommend placing a standing light like the Zuo Neutrino Modern Floor Lamp behind one of the chairs. Lastly, you can further brighten your office by installing a ceiling light like the Zuo Asteroids Modern Ceiling Lamp.


As I mentioned above, home offices can acquire a lot of clutter. Textbooks, binders, reports, and old tax paperwork can begin to pile up and take over the room. File this stuff away with the Monarch Hollow-Core 3-Drawer File Cabinet. Pair this file cabinet with the matching Monarch Hollow Corner Bookcase. At almost six feet, this bookcase provides six shelves of storage space. You can also add some Banker’s Box 8” Magazine File Holders to bookcase to increase your filing space.

Together, this furniture will create a well decorated and organized home office. The dark wood finished furniture paired with the dark, high quality chairs will give your office that masculine vibe while still keeping things professional.

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Lucy Woodhead
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