Moms, as a category, are super tough to buy for. And it’s not even that they’re hard to buy for as people! No, the problem is that when they’re your mom, nothing is quite good enough.

Which honestly makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Moms are the cornerstone of the modern family; they grow us, birth us, and feed us until we’re ready to exist in the world on our own. (And let’s be honest; even after we strike out on our own, our moms totally still feed and nurture us on a regular basis.)

There’s nothing material that we can really give our moms that can say thank you for that much, but one of the cool things about Mother’s Day is that, once each year, you get to try.

Gifts to warm up her heart (and her space!)

1. I’ve been all about creating cozy spaces recently, so these first two gift ideas are both home decor. First, there’s my favourite Mother’s Day gift idea of all times (well, of this year, at least): this absolutely gorgeous Numa Table Lamp that my editor pointed out to me. Shown at the top of this post, it has a total “Upper West Side brownstone” vibe to it, and the clean lines paired with the translucent base mean that it’ll blend right into both dark, book-lined rooms and white, Kate Spade-inspired ones.


The lamp also features gold highlights and a compatible rotary socket, so your mom can use it with regular incandescent, LED, CFL, or halogen bulbs of 100 watts or less. (Please, please, please don’t let anyone put a CFL lightbulb into a this beautiful lamp, though. It deserves to feel the beautiful glow of an incandescent or halogen bulb.)

As an added bonus, the rotary socket means that mom will be able to adjust the light intensity of the lamp: bright for reading and the daytime, or dim for cozy, pre-bedtime hangouts.

2. To match the Numa lamp (or to gift on its own), Best Buy carries a great Urban Loft Foil Tile Feather-Filled Throw Pillow in Gold. It’s perfect for adding a little lumbar support to an armchair in the living room, den, or bedroom, and it comes gilded in a gold foiled tile pattern.


High-tech picks for the digital age


3. My #2 pick for Mother’s Day this year is the Swarovski Shine Vio Fitness Tracker Set by Misfit. I recently reviewed the brand’s Shine 2, and it was such a game-changer for me! 

If your mom would appreciate knowing how much walking, resting, and sleeping she does every day, then the Vio Fitness Tracker Set is a must. The Swarovski Shine fits into a watch band or necklace, and it displays notifications from a smartphone or tablet as well as tracking activity and sleep. 

4. and 5. The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker and Fitbit Alta Leather Band in Blush are also two great choices for fitness trackers. The Fitbit is slimmer than the Misfit Shine, but it’s also thicker, and you can’t turn it into a necklace or wear it in your pocket.

Like the Misfit Shine, the Fitbit Alta has a movement reminder and will track your mom’s sleep, steps, distance, and calories burned. It’ll also send her notifications from her smartphone and wake her up in the morning, but it’s a little less capable than some of Fitbit’s other models. You can change out the wristband of the Alta, but your mom won’t be able to track the number of flights she’s done, and it won’t be able to monitor her heartbeat.


6. For the super-busy mom, the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband brings a bit of peace to an otherwise hectic life. It measures whether the mind is active or calm, and translates it into weather sounds to help guide your meditation session. Sessions can be done in 3-12 minutes, so they’ll help your mom get her thoughts on track without throwing a wrench into her schedule, too!

10342258Great gifts for the busy mom

If you have a busy mom who totally won’t meditate, though, Best Buy carries lots of gift options to accompany her busy lifestyle. (My mother, unfortunately, definitely would not take the time to meditate through the day, even though it’s so good for you!)

7., 8., and 9. I can’t do a Mother’s Day gift guide without mentioning at least a little bit of Kate Spade, and her tech accessories are some of the most stylish out there. My three favourite Kate Spade phone cases right now are the kate spade new york Hybrid Hard Shell Case in Chevron Cream, Fitted Hard Shell Case in Confetti Cream/Gold, and Fitted Hard Shell Case in Hearts, a pattern that’s exclusive to Best Buy.


10. I also think that the kate spade new york 13″ MacBook Pro Laptop Sleeve in Photographic Roses is a totally perfect Mother’s Day gift… especially for a mom who loves bad puns!

Unlike a bouquet of roses, this laptop sleeve will never wilt, dry up, or quietly begin to rot beneath the water line. It’s not quite a visual pun, but I think it’s just about impactful enough to count.

And, finally, gift ideas for the mom who loves to go places!

10414593Whether you’re going to Greece or the grocery store, a great bag makes a great trip even better. It’s just one of those facts of life.

11. and 12. The Fossil Sydney Leather Wallet, available in three prints (I’m particularly fond of the Sydney Wallet in Floral and Sydney Wallet in Papaya), is a wallet that doubles as a clutch. For a busy day at home, Mom can throw her Sydney Wallet into her handbag (perhaps the Sydney Tote Bag!) alongside a bottle of water and a sweater, but for a night out, she can take just her wallet with her cash, bank cards, and iPhone 6/6s tucked away safely inside.

13. For a mom who loves to travel, a shopper that doubles as a beach bag is a must. The David Jones East West Satchel Bag in Camel is made from faux leather and has a zipper top closure that runs from end to end, making it beach-safe, fall-safe, and safe from sneaky fingers.


(Or as safe as possible, at least, short of a bag that comes equipped with a padlock and metal handles.)

14. You totally can’t drag the TUMI Vapor Lite 22″ International 4-Wheeled Carry-On Luggage in Shadow around all the time, but to get mom’s stuff from place to place safely, it’s one of the best. Unlike a handbag, this TUMI carry-on does actually come with a lock in place and metal handles, and it’s also built from a hard-shell multilayer polycarbonate alloy to protect from drops, falls, and surprise elephant attacks.

(But don’t quote me on that… I tried my best, but I just couldn’t get an elephant and the TUMI Vapor Lite in the same place at the same time to test that theory. Something about a scheduling conflict, I think.)

15. My last pick for this Mother’s Day is the Swiss Gear Victorious 3-Piece Hard Side 4-Wheeled Luggage Set in Red. A three-piece luggage set is a pretty practical gift idea, but these flat hardshell cases are pretty sweet! They’re built with four 360 degree wheels each (something that my mom, bless her heart, still gets excited about every time we pull out our new luggage set), push button handles, and all around great maneuverability.

Because I mean, really. Aside from great memories (and I would love to hear your favourite Mother’s Day stories in the comments, on that note), what better to give your mom but a bit of luxury and convenience all rolled up into one stylish package?

Check out the Best Buy Mother’s Day hub for other great gift ideas.

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