10 dorm room buys under $30If you’ve never set up a dorm room before, you probably don’t know what to bring. There are the basics like your laptop, small appliances, and bedding, but there are also a lot of things you can bring in that will really make your dorm room a home.

These little touches are what take your dorm room from a small, empty space that was someone else’s just a few months ago and really make it your own. Even better, adding some cool, personal items doesn’t have to really hit you in your pocket book.

Here are 10 buys under $30 that will make your dorm room your own.

  1.  Add a photo cube

How can you bring in your favourite photos from home and display them without putting nails in the walls? The simple and colourful solution is Insignia silicone photo cubes. With a 6-pack of cubes you can add photos all over your room.


  1. Mirror, mirror on the dorm room wall

Mirrors can make a small space look larger, and the other great benefit of mirrors is that they liven up your dorm room walls too. The Zoe Mirror set from Nexxt will give you 7 great mirrors to play with.

  1. Add a cuddly pillow

This is something I would have added to my bed when I went to University: a Star Wars Darth Vader pillow. He’s a cool character and a comfortable pillow, all in one, and I don’t think he’d look out of place in any dorm room.

  1. Unique wall art

Add a little Big Bang Theory to your dorm room with a unique poster of the solar system. The Eurographics Solar System Poster is 12×36 inches and a nice way to add an interesting visual.

  1. Add a tray to the table

Fruit basket anyone? Or maybe a place to put your keys and student ID? Any way you’d like to use the Fable Wire Rectangle Tray is a great way. It’s Rose Gold, so it even looks amazing while empty.

  1. Bring in a few toys

Toys are a great way to take your mind off of your studies and de-stress, and this BattleTank by Desk Pets will be your go-to desk toy. You can control it with your Apple or Android device and there are two play modes so the fun never has to end. You can even gift one to your roommate and engage in some late night battles.

  1. Dinner is served in style with a bed tray

A bed tray is a great addition to a dorm room. Because most people don’t have a big table to eat at or a couch to sit on, they use a bed tray to spread out their meal while sitting on bed.

  1. De-stress with a card game

A few hours of cards is sometimes all it takes to relax, and The Resistance: Avalon card game is a great way to enjoy some down time with friends. You can play with anywhere from 5 to 10 players so you can invite everyone over.

  1. Make memories

You’re going to make a lot of memories during your years at school, so why not display a few of your favourites in the Langford wood frame. You can also take special mementos like concert tickets or note cards and display them for inspiration.

  1. Set up a beverage bar

Making smoothies or icy drinks is easy with a Sunbeam blender. If you don’t already have one for your dorm room kitchen, this is one appliance you’ll want to pick up before you head back to school.

Add some personality to your dorm room with these 10 great buys. Because they are all under $30, you can pick and choose for the coolest dorm room on the floor.

Shelly Wutke
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