Best Buy Pop Culture Gift Guide 2017Do you know what a Demogorgon is, but thanks to Dart, you’ve now got a love/hate relationship with them? Or, did you buy your tickets for the new Star Wars movie long before you got out your Halloween costume? If you’ve answered yes, you might be a pop culture fan. And if you’re a pop culture fan, you’re going to want to take a look at my favourite post of the year: the pop culture gift guide 2017.

This is my second annual pop culture gift guide and it’s going to be a good one, so grab your reindeer ears, pull out your pen and your pad of paper, and get ready to make a Christmas list for your favourite pop culture fan. Or, if you’re like me, you can make it really easy on yourself and hit save to cart as we go.

Light up their shelf with Pixel Pals

Pixel PalsFor the pop culture fan, Pixel Pals are the perfect blend of game collectible and shelf art. You can choose from different characters including Fire Mario, Fallout Monochrome Vault Boy,  and Street Fighter. They let you celebrate your fandom while casting a cozy glow wherever you put them.



Magic the gathering: Ixalan Bundle

Magic the gathering
Magic the gathering is a card based strategy game where you battle other players. Although this game has been around since 1993, as of 2015 there are over twenty million players worldwide. Clearly it’s not just pop culture fans who are into this game.

If you know someone who loves Magic the Gathering, they’re going to love receiving the latest deck. The Ixalan Bundle is a brand-new pack of cards that come with a new dice, a bunch of boosters, and a card holder.


Harry Potter Artefact Box

Harry Potter Box I was in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios this past summer for the second time, and judging by the crowds, Harry Potter and every single person in the Harry Potter universe are just as popular as ever. If you know someone who’s most coveted possession is a sorting hat so they could organize their friends into house teams, or they have their Death Eater wand displayed in a place of honor on a TV stand, you’re going to want to give the gift of a Harry Potter Artefact Box.

This is a box officially authorized by Warner Brothers, and it includes a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, Quidditch World Cup Ticket, Hogwarts Express Luggage Tag, and much more. Even if you made the horrifying discovery that your best friend is Slytherin and you’re Ravenclaw, this is still a box you’ll want to give.

Thomas Kincaide Beauty and the Beast puzzle

Beauty and the BeastI have spent many, many hours wandering Disneyland, and one of my favourite spots in the entire park is the Disneyland gallery at the front of the park. There are many different paintings, posters, and pieces of Disneyana that it’s hard not to get lost in there, and I love the Thomas Kinkade pieces best of all.

Even if you can’t get to Disneyland this holiday, you can recreate some of that Disney magic by buying your favourite Disney fan a Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Best Falling In Love puzzle. It’s 27” x 20” when it’s complete, and it’s based on artwork exclusive to Disney Parks and Thomas Kinkade.

I’ve made a puzzle just like this, glued it together, and it’s on one of my daughter’s walls. It’s not the real deal, but it’s close.


Add a little Pop! to the holidays

Funko Pop figuresIf you haven’t watched Stranger Things 2 yet, you definitely have some catching up to do. There’s so much going on in the Upside Down that you’ll watch it once and you’ll immediately want to binge watch it again.

If you’ve got a Stranger Things fan in your life and you’re wondering what to gift them, you need to take a look at Funko Pop! figures. You can choose from Stranger Things Barb, Joyce, or Will, or branch out into the wide world of Pop! figures and choose figures from your favourite games or favourite movies.


PJ’s + Bluray = Binge in the holidays

RiverdaleFun fact: they film Riverdale in different locations about 15 minutes from where I live, and we’re always hearing about the cast showing up at local high schools and locations. It makes sense that it’s so popular, because Archie and his crew have been pop culture icons for longer than I’ve been alive.

If you know a fan of Riverdale, one of the best gifts you can give this holiday is a Blu-ray of the complete first season. That way they can hop into their PJ’s, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and watch on the big screen over and over again.

Riverdale is just one of many Blu-ray discs or sets you can choose for the world’s biggest fan in your life.


Beam me up Scottie, but don’t forget my Star Trek gift set!

Star Trek action figuresI was raised by a Sci-Fi fan, so Klingon is one of main languages. I love the new movies, but there’s nothing quite like the original Captain Kirk and Spock. This set of action-figures would be an amazing collectible for any Star Trek fan.



Celebrate your Big Bang Theory fandom

Leonard Big Bang Theory giftsIf you love the Big Bang Theory the way I love the Big Bang Theory, you proudly declare yourself a nerd and covet whatever souvenirs you can get from the show. I finally got my much-coveted Big Bang Theory mug after a Warner Brothers Studio tour, but I’ve got my eyes on this Funko Big Bang Theory: Leonard Wacky Wobbler.

Honestly, can you imagine driving in traffic with Leonard bopping away on your dash? A commute is always better with a little bit of company.

Stuff their stockings with the Ring of Power

Middle earth ring of powerLord of the Rings doesn’t go out of style, and if you have a fan in your house they’ll love to see the Ring of Power in their stocking. Whether it’s as magical as the ring from the story is up for debate, but you can’t deny it would look great on a chain around any neck; hobbit or otherwise.

I hope this pop culture gift guide gets you excited about gift giving this year. There’s so many cool things you can choose for your favourite pop culture fan on Best Buy, you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your choices.


Happy shopping!


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