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A new router, like the many available by Asus, can be a game changer for your home. Why put up with the inconsistent, often too slow, router supplied by your internet service provider? Do you really think they are going to include great router technology, comparable to that designed by Asus, with the modem they brought into your home? Fortunately, you can easily add an external router for incredible improvements to your home Wi-Fi. It’s a low cost solution to connection issues. Even better, enter this contest and you might win a router from Asus and Best Buy.

Is the router from your ISP good enough?

You internet service provider does a lot of great things. Most importantly, it delivers internet to your home, which is no small feat considering they are likely sending many billions of bytes to and from hundreds of thousands of other home at the same time. The modem they provided to you brings in the signal from the world and sends your messages and requests out with speed and accuracy.

Often, though, an ISP will also provide a hybrid modem/router so you have a Wi-Fi signal in your home too. Unfortunately, that router may not serve the needs of a modern home. Why not? Most homes these days have a huge range of devices pull and pushing information to and from the internet. Some routers will manage all of that traffic better than others. Look at Best Buy’s router page online and you’ll see that there are many different kinds of routers, and a huge range of prices too. The higher prices of the newest and fastest modems are justified: you will have a better online experience in your home!

If you think the internet in your home is passable, should you get a new router? You could wait until you consistently get annoyed with slow downloads or frequent buffering while watching Netflix or playing an online game. However, if you will soon add more internet dependant devices to your home (like a new TV, new cell phone, a smart camera, or doorbell, or smart lights, etc) then you might want to consider upgrading your router to one that can handle the increase in traffic.

How to easily add another router to your home

ASUS RT-AC67P review headerAnyone can add a better router to their home. First you go online and order one from Best Buy and it will be delivered promptly.  You don’t need to hire someone to install it, or read a complicated technical manual to connect your devices to it. For most routers, you’ll connect an ethernet cable from one of the modem’s ports to the new router’s input port. Then follow the router’s directions for creating a secure wireless network in your home.

To learn more about the router we are giving away in this contest, read Brad Moon’s honest review. Brad explains how to set it up, and discusses some of its great features like the parental control options.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways. In a comment below, tell us what new technology you expect to add to your home this holiday season that will benefit from a new router in your home. For a second entry, visit the review article by Brad Moon, and leave a comment beneath that article telling us why you think this router will be great for your home.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select two people to receive an ASUS RT-AC67P AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 5 Router.

This contest runs from Nov 26th  to Dec 12th.

Remember, you can enter twice for this contest: once in a comment below this article and one in a comment below Brad Moon’s review article. However, you know people who can also enter: a spouse, a parent, a friend. Get them in on the action! Tell them you need better internet and they can help by entering too.

Win an ASUS Router Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

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  1. with a college student and a grade 8 student doing online schooling, In addition to myself working from home this router would surely increase speed and provide much need stability support which would reduce computer and internet freeze-ups.

  2. This year we’re going to be adding some additional smart home devices – a video doorbell and some smart light switches at least. So having better wireless service (more devices, better range, better throughput) is a MUST!

  3. I have two family members working from home on Zoom calls, so the speed and stability of this router would be very helpful to us.

  4. We’re planning on adding some extra Amazon echo dots at home and we would benefit from this router so we can extend the range of our wifi

  5. The router we currently use is old and it can’t handle the amount of traffic. It would be nice have a upgrade.

  6. We were hoping to add some wireless meshes to help make the internet better, and extend the range of it

  7. A new router would definitely help with using our new technology (can’t say what it is yet…just in case the family reads this…lol)

  8. The new tech we’re getting this year that would benefit from a new router is a brand new Epson printer! Would love the router to go with it

  9. I will have family working from home using Zoom, which needs a very reliable wireless connection. This router would be most useful for that.

  10. I am lust learning about the options now available and find it over whelming but exciting. so, i am not sure what i would go for next

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