BenQ 27" PD2700U - designer monitor

Computer monitors, like the many created by BenQ, are an essential part of our daily life for work and play. We all love a large, clear, vivid display when working or playing games. Visual artists, especially, need a well-calibrated designer monitor that delivers an accurate representation of colours. BenQ is a brand creatives are familiar with and have trusted through the years. You can check out the selection of great BenQ monitors online at Best Buy, then enter for a chance to win the amazing 27 inch 4k designer monitor shown above.

BenQ designer monitors are perfect for every visual artist.

This monitor is perfect for someone who relies on delivering quality visual products. BenQ DesignVue Designer Monitor is sharp, bright, good contrast, and pre-calibrated out of the box, this monitor is made for artists. In a different article, I talked about how editing can improve your photography instantly. When editing photos it is important that you are using a calibrated monitor to make sure that your colours and contrast represent the photo exactly how you want. Having a 4K monitor also helps you see all the details in your photos and gives you a higher appreciation of photography, especially if you are using a high megapixel camera where it captures every single detail on its frame.

DualView Setting

One of the features that I love about this monitor is the DualView setting. This allows you to split the monitor into 2 different colour profiles. Features like that make a monitor like this help professionals create high quality digital and printed products by showing what the photo would look like on print or on different screens, so your work will look consistent where ever you see it.

What else can a great monitor do for you?

Other than editing photos, videos, or creating graphic arts, this monitor is also great for watching movies or simply just doing an everyday task like emailing, setting up your website, or writing. It has HDMI & DisplayPort which allows you to connect it to your computer and do another device, perfect for working and switching it to a console game monitor when you need a break. Jacob made a review about this exact same monitor where he gets into more details about this monitor.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us how you will use this monitor in your daily life and why this is better than your current monitor. You must have both in your statement: for example, I would write, “I will use it to edit photographs and it’s a lot bigger than my current monitor.”

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will select one winner from all the eligible entries to receive the same BenQ DesignVue Designer Monitor that was reviewed by Jacob on the blog.

This contest runs from May 25th 2020, to June 7th 2020.

Remember you can only enter once, but you probably know someone else who could use a great designer monitor for work and play; share this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win a BenQ DesignVue Monitor Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

Noah Asanias
I am a part of Best Buy’s in-house photography team, and am passionate about portrait, beauty, and fashion photography. I’m fascinated by light and addicted to stories. Over the past 3 years, I have photographed a number of personalities, brands, and have been featured in numerous publications such as Monte Cristo, The Wrap, TIFF, and Vogue.


    I would enjoy this Monitor for the size, as mine is quite small. Also, I take many pictures and would definitely put the photo editing to full use. I hope I am the successful winner.
    Thank you.

  2. I will use it to edit photos and watch Netflix. It is better than my current monitor, because I have a SMALL one!

  3. I will use it for editing my photos and the pro color calibration features, including split screen, for printing fine art photography

  4. I curently dont have a moniter but if I were to win this one I would use it for gameing (I have a computer)

  5. My current monitor is small. This will be the perfect monitor for writing, reading and editing documents. The split screen will allow me to work with two different programs at once , such as, Excel and word Documents. Large screen will make photo editing less tedious, also, to play games, like Solitaire, etc., to relax between assignments.
    Worthwhile contest Best Buy!!

  6. I would use it to watch movies and YouTube videos. This is better then my small monitor

  7. I would use it to surf the internet, read my email and edit photos. This monitor is way bigger than the one I have now and the picture, I’m sure, is much clearer as well.

  8. BenQ DesignVue 27 I would use it every day for all my computer work and some TV watching.

  9. I would use it to watch TV shows (when I have time). My current monitor is OK for it but a larger screen would be much better.

  10. I think I would use the new monitor to look at photographs in greater detail. My current screen is pretty standard so this would be a big step up.

  11. I would use it to watch movies and game because this monitor is bigger than the one I have now.

  12. I would use this monitor face timing my daughter and grandchildren since I am 3000 miles apart from them.

  13. I would use this new monitor to edit photos, and play games. What a great view I would have!!

  14. This monitor is larger than my current one. It will facilitate editing photographs more easily. Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. I would use the BenQ monitor for watching videos. The BenQ 27-inch monitor would deliver much better picture quality than my current 16-inch monitor.

  16. I would use this new monitor to edit photos, and play games. What a great view I would have!!

  17. i would watch movies on it! my current screen is much smaller, so this would be a big upgrade

  18. I would love to use this monitor to edit photos and would be a well overdue replacement to my current 8 year old monitor

  19. My photo editing is currently done on a 1650x 1080 8-bit monitor. As most of my upcoming editing work will be on photos taken at far higher resolutions than used in the past it is extremely tedious to edit such pictures on the current monitor. The 4K resolution will greatly simplify the editing and there will be more accurate colors to view,

  20. I would use it to watch movies. My current monitor is quite old and shaky so this would be a big improvement!

  21. I would use it for photography/cinematography and it’s way better than my non-HD monitor that is 15 years-old, because it had 4K which is amazing!!

    Thanks for the cool contest, Best Buy!

  22. I love that it has HDMI, I have to use a docking station to plug my work laptop into my current monitor.

  23. I will use this monitor for work…SO MANY SPREADSHEETS!!! This is better than your current monitor which is really small.

  24. I would use this to edit photo’s and for work on a family site. I’d also use it in my home office on work days, looking at all my different programs rather than on 2, given it’s larger size, would be much easier on my head and neck. Thank you.

  25. For one its bigger and so much better then mine.I would use it for my music and photos.

  26. It is bugger than my current monitor and for checking email it will be easier on my eyes

  27. I create art projects and a large screen will make it so much easy to cut, paste and edit. This prize monitor is larger than my current screen.

  28. I will use it to do school work and play games and it has way better resolution than my current monitor.

  29. I have taken so many digital cat photos over the years and this large monitor will make it much easier to sort and edit my feline pics! It’s a lot larger than my current small monitor

  30. I will use it to surf the internet and play games. It is also bigger than my current monitor.

  31. My son would utilize this monitor for his learning as he has autism & relies on technology to learn about the world around him, so the BenQ would be awesome for his educational games & videos. His current monitor is small & this one is brighter, bigger, & sharper!

  32. This Ben Q monitor would be the answer for playing games with my grandchildren and making reading emails and such easier on my eyes. Would be great a great add on to my old laptop.

  33. This monitor would be used for a variety of tasks including email, editing scanned old photos and some gaming.

  34. I teach architecture, having a monitor like would make CAD that much easier. clearer and bigger than my current monitor.

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