ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A monitor

A well spec’d and designed monitor is one of the most important peripherals for gamers. Gaming monitors are meant to be fast, responsive, and provide the clearest images to gamers so that they can react to the world around them. Today I’m going to review the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A gaming monitor. I’ll discuss its set-up, design, performance, and of course sharing my final thoughts.


  • 29.5 inches
  • 1500R curved VA Panel
  • 2560 x 1080 pixels
  • Freesync premium
  • 127% sRGB
  • HDR-10
  • 200Hz refresh and 1ms response
  • Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB)

Unboxing and setting up the ASUS TUF VG30QL1A 

The unboxing and set-up process for the ASUS TUF VG30QL1A is straightforward. Inside the box you will find the monitor, base, power supply, 1x HDMI cable, and 1x display port cable.

After removing the packaging, setting up the monitor is surprisingly simple. In my test unit the monitor arm was already attached to the back of the monitor, all I needed to do was connect the base. What I really appreciated in ASUS’s design is that assembly doesn’t require any additional tools. The base is connected to the monitor arm using 2x pre-installed thumb screws. Once you tighten both screws the base is securely attached.  

Overall the set-up process is quick and simple, you can have the monitor on your desk and ready to use in less than 5 minutes.

ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A monitor ergonomics and adjustments

Something that’s often overlooked is the quality and design of a monitor stand. In the case of the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A, this monitor has a well designed stand with plenty of adjustments. Fine tuning is simple and the stand allows you to adjust the monitor height, tilt, and swivel. The stand also allows you to pivot the monitor 90 degrees from landscape to portrait mode.

ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A connectivity

Plentiful connectivity on the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A

Connectivity is plentiful on the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A. For video input there are 2x HDMI 2.0 ports and 1x Display port. There’s also  2x USB-A 3.0 ports for users to connect peripherals. Given that USB-C is becoming the new standard for many devices it would’ve been nice to see ASUS include a thunderbolt port for audio/video or at least a regular USB-C port to connect peripherals. 

A monitor designed for gamers in mind

The ASUS TUF VG30QL1A sports a 30 inch VA panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1080. ASUS’s decision to use a VA panel reflects their target demographic of gamers. VA panels provide faster refresh rates, higher brightness, and better viewing angles. Gamers that need a fast monitor will definitely appreciate the ASUS’s 200Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. 

The ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A also comes with Freesync premium ensuring that the monitor will match the frames per second (FPS) produced by your graphics card. Adding to this the monitor also comes enabled with Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) which is meant to eliminate ghosting of on screen images. With these features gamers should experience near flawless images while playing any games.

The ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A also has a 1500R curve. Given how wide the monitor is I like the decision to make the screen curved. The curve adds more immersion to your games giving you easy visibility to the corners of your monitor without having to turn your head. 


Gaming and media performance of ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A

In my testing with the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A I played some of my favourite games including Call of Duty and Tomb Raider. The monitor is HDR-10 compatible and looks amazing while playing games and watching movies, the colors are punchy, the contrast provides deep blacks in dark areas, and the image is sharp. 

The high refresh rate of the monitor and ELMB really came through while playing both games. I’m able to clearly see what was happening during fast action sequences and the ELMB ensures that I’m not distracted by ghosting. 

What I’ve really come to love with the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A is the ultra wide curved panel. Having an ultra wide panel gives you a wider field of view allowing you to see more of the game in your peripherals. When you add the curved nature of the screen it greatly improves your immersion, spatial awareness, and allows you to react more quickly to the environment. 

Watching movies is equally enjoyable on this monitor. On traditional monitors with 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, when watching movies you will see black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. However, with the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A the 21:9 aspect ratio means that when watching movies the image fills up the entire screen.

Average built-in speakers

I’m surprised to see that ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A also comes with built-in speakers. These speakers are on the average side, they have a slightly hollow sound and lack bass. If your computer doesn’t have speakers then the ASUS VG1A’s speakers will do in a pinch.

When comparing the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A speaker quality to my 2019 MacBook Air, the MacBook speakers are superior. The MacBook speakers produced clearer sound, more rich audio, and stronger bass. 

Overall, the built in speakers of the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A will be adequate for general use. Hardcore gamers and movie enthusiasts will want to use dedicated headphones or external speakers to better enjoy their content.

ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A portrait

ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A and productivity

The ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A performs equally as well when it comes to day-to-day productivity. As someone who’s working on multiple spreadsheets, video calls, and building PowerPoints throughout my day I can’t say enough good things about this monitor. The wide viewing angles, curved screen and adjustable stand make it easy for me to swap between applications, and comfortably multitask. I find portrait mode is most helpful when working on vertical designs or reading long documents.

Overall, the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A brings a lot of comforts and features that productivity professionals would like in their day to day workflow.

ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A controls

Easy to use controls

Using the ASUS VG1A’s controls is simple and easy to use. On the back right hand side of the monitor you will find 4x buttons and a navigation joystick. While this is a standard layout ASUS made two key design decisions that made this style of navigation more user friendly. The first change is that the buttons are much larger than other computer monitor buttons. Secondly, ASUS staggered the buttons which improves the tactile feel and prevents accidental presses. 

Aside from the standard computer monitor options the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A offers some gamer centric features. For example the shortcut menu allows users to select game specific presets including racing, real time strategy, and first person shooters. Another feature that’s offered is the ability to enable a frames per second counter and the ability to have an on screen crosshairs for first person shooter games.

Overall, I found the controls on the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A to be easy to use, navigate, and offer helpful features for gamers.


Final thoughts on the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A

The ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A is a great monitor for gaming, media, and productivity. I love the flexibility of the monitor stand, the 1500R curve, its fast 200Hz refresh rate, and the 1ms response time. These features add up to a fantastic monitor that will satisfy even the most hardcore gamers. The only disadvantage I can find with the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A is it’s average speaker. This is a minor complaint in an otherwise feature rich and quality monitor.

If you’re in the market for a new monitor I strongly suggest checking out the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A. If you’d like to see what other gaming accessories are made by ASUS you can check them out here.

Marcus Wong
Marcus is a tech blogger whose goal is to help his audience find the right technology for their needs. Since 2007, Marcus has been producing videos on his YouTube channel where he discusses a wide range of tech products including smart home devices, cell phones, and laptops.


  1. It would be interesting for me to compare the Extreme Low Motion Blur feature with the regular monitor to see how the games would look without ghosting.

  2. The feature that stands out for me is the 1500R curve. Never had a curved screen monitor before and would be thrilled to enhance my game playing experience.

  3. For me, the most interesting feature would have to be the ultrawide monitor. When rotated to portrait mode, the length would be great for reading documents and personally, I would have a lot of use for that in my day-to-day work.

  4. Well I found that there were a couple of features that stands out but I think my favourite would be the ultra wide curved panel. It would be great to see how it affects playing the game as the reviewer stated in the article.

  5. The feature I like is that it can Supports tilt, swivel, and height adjustment for setting a convenient and comfortable viewing angle

  6. The feature most interesting is turning the monitor vertically. I work as a photo editor and 50% of my work is editing vertically aligned images so this is a game changer for me!

  7. Look how tall that stand is! I am not a tall person but for some reason I have to look down on any regular monitor or stack the monitor on books or something.

  8. The curve feature would be great, and would work really well both for working from home and for gaming 🙂

  9. The feature that stands out the most for me on this mornitor is the 1500R curved VA Panel. I have only seen curved panels in the store and I have not had a chance to actually own one for extended usage, but the curved wide panel design would definitely be a experience changer for me if I was to work with such a panel on a day to day basis.

  10. The 200Hz refresh and 1ms response. Very little flicker and great visual clarity that would make it easier on the eyes.

  11. The Extreme Low Motion Blur feature is the most interesting for me because I would like to see what games look like with no ghosting compared to regular monitors.

  12. The curve feature really stands out for me allowing you to further immerse yourself into the game landscape.

  13. The ultra wide spec is the best and is most attractive because it would be like using an actual TV.

  14. The ultra wide spec feature is most interesting to me because I am so bored of normal sized monitors, I need to see how big of a difference this ultra wide makes to my gaming! Looks awesome

  15. There’s so many things that I like but the Built in Speakers I think is very cool that’s definitely one of my favorite things. I also like the the curved screen which makes things easier for you to enjoy the Game and to be able to play it without having to turn your head away from the Game.

  16. I love that it can be set up vertically instead of horizontal. Great idea especially for social media scrolling and business stuff too.

  17. There are a lot of amazing features here, but I would really like to see the 200Hz refresh and 1ms response in action. Playing games with that smoothness would be like a whole ‘nother level.

  18. I like that the ASUS TUF VG30VQL1A also comes with Freesync premium ensuring that the monitor will match the frames per second (FPS) produced by your graphics card and that this monitor also comes enabled with Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) which is meant to eliminate ghosting of on screen images. Why – because with these features gamers should experience near flawless images while playing any game.

  19. I love that this monitor has Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) which is meant to eliminate ghosting of on screen images. as well as a 1500R curve for a more immersive experience.

  20. I love that it has built in speakers! So handy for me since i like to be able to hear what is being said in videos i watch

  21. I like the 1500R curve which adds more immersion to games giving easy visibility to the corners of the monitor without having to turn myr head.

  22. I’ve never used an ultra wide monitor so that feature stands out most. With the screen being curved it aids in the immersion. I’m rather surprised by the hdr10, 200hz and 1ms, that seems rare for ultra-wides and makes this model stand out from the rest. The portrait mode made me chuckle, it’s so tall!

  23. What I really like about this monitor and find interesting is that the stand has lots of adjustments. Being able to adjust the monitor height, tilt, swivel and pivot it 90 degrees from landscape to portrait mode would be ideal for me because my current monitor has limited capacity to make these finer adjustments and it can be frustrating at times, especially for Zoom meetings.

  24. the curve feature is great so the viewing angles would be nice and the graphics around me would be more immersive.

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