Tablets in and of themselves are pretty nifty devices. They really can be anything you want or need them to be, but to complete the equation, certain accessories can really make the difference. Here are five tablet accessories worth considering under $50.00.


Belkin Surge Protector Stand

10328013_3.jpgUnless your tablet has a built-in kickstand, getting a stand is a no brainer.


Even the lightest, thinnest tablets can put strain on you if you have to hold them up for prolonged periods of time.


A stand allow the tablet to be tilted at just the right angle while providing ample space to view movies, photos or other games and apps on the tablet.


Belkin’s Surge Protector stand is a multipurpose device since it has the stand part covered but also works as a surge protector for your notebook while offering two powered USB Ports offer convenient one-source charging for the rest of your mobile devices.


Keeping things neat and tidy as well as charged is definitely a gift worth giving.








 OtterBox Agility Tablet Wall Mount


There are many uses for wall-mounted tablets which can be used to play video, serve as message boards, and even serve as remote control units for various connected home devices in homes and offices.


OtterBox knows a thing or two about securing smartphones and tablets and their Agility series of tablet wall mounts and accessories have the security, ease of installation and durability needed for various applications.


Starting with the Agility Shell which is used to cover the tablets, the  Agility system can expand depending on various needs and incorporates multi-position stands, power supplies, wall mounts and even keyboard cases and chargers that all work together in harmony.



Burton Travel Hyperlink 10″ Tablet Sleeve


10384872.jpgBeing portable and being easy to carry around are two different things.


Tablets are thin, light and quite portable but they are also delicate and might not survive many of the bumps and bruises that laptops will easily shrug off.


The daily grind can be decidedly unkind to your otherwise defenseless tablet, so keep it safe and secure in this Burton Hyperlink 10″ tablet sleeve.


Handy external pockets let you keep essentials like cords and chargers close at hand yet out of the way, while the padded inner lining protects your device from everyday hazards and damage.


Available in a variety of cool patterns and colours, the Hyperlink 10″ Tablet Sleeve blends in and doesn’t call too much attention to itself.


Best of all, it is neat and compact itself and ideal for long or short commutes. 






TP-Link 10400 mAh Portable Charger



I have personally used the TP-Link 10400 mAh portable charger to quickly fill up my tablet’s dwindling battery and find that it is the right size and has the right features for my needs.


Capable of charging two devices simultaneously, it is both smart and convenient.


A built-in special circuit provides full speed for your smartphones, and a multi-protection solution ensures safe and reliable charging to avoid any potential harm to your devices. The TL-PB10400 also greatly reduces unnecessary energy loss while charging.


It doubles as a flashlight for emergencies and is 

Compatible with various smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and other 5V input USB-charged devices.

Joy Factory Pinpoint Precision Tablet Stylus


Enjoy writing, sketching, and signing documents on your tablet with the Pinpoint stylus from The Joy Factory. Equipped with an ultra-slim tip, this stylus delivers high-tech accuracy, while the flexible grip ensures the best in comfort.

It can be used with most Android and iPad tablets in the market today, the Joy Factory Pinpoint Precision stylus is ideal for the occasions when using multi-touch or a finger simply isn’t precise enough.

With the increase in various drawing apps and stylus-centric applications for tablets, the Joy Factory is a great option that’s a few notches above the cheap, run of the mill tablet styli we’ve seen in the past.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any tablet user that doesn’t already have a stylus.



Gadjo Sevilla
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