NEW Vizio Sound Bars provide the best overall Value!

    There is good reason that Vizio is the top seller of sound bars in the U.S. market. For the price, they provide some of the best award-winning sound bars you can buy. Vizio deliver innovative features and excellent sound at a very reasonable price, not a bad combination!

Vizio Officially comes to Best Buy Canada!

      Vizio TV and sound systems are now officially available at Best Buy locations across Canada. Best Buy is one of the very few electronic retailers in Canada that are carrying their excellent Smart TVs and Audio products. If you are wondering who Vizio is and why this is important, read on….

VIZIO now in Canada – American TV Innovation at a Great...

  VIZIO has been one of the top 3 TV and Home Theatre brands in the US since 2007. They are currently #2 overall in the US and #1 in Smart TVs and in Soundbars. VIZIO have been known for aggressively pricing their TVs while not sacrificing quality or innovation, so it is nice to see that they are now showing up in Canada. 

The Ultimate Home Theatre of your Dreams

  What components would you put in the home theatre system of your dreams? Most of us watch enough TV that having an awesome home entertainment system makes a lot of sense, but few of us go that extra step – including myself. I have thought about what would make my dream home theatre.  

Top 3 Streaming Devices for your Dorm Room

    Dorms don’t usually provide any kind of TV service right in your dorm room, so a streaming device is almost a necessity. There are quite a number of different streaming options, but to make it simple for you here are the top 3 devices.

Top 5 Home Theatre Products for the Fall Season

  Is your Home Entertainment System ready to take full advantage of the upcoming Fall TV Season, or will some simple upgrades really improve your entertainment pleasure. Here are my top 5 Home Theatre products that can really beef up your fun.

Walking Dead Season 4 Contest

The title says it all. Find out how to enter for a chance to win The Walking Dead Season 4 Limited Edition box set on blu-ray and the first three seasons with a bonus t-shirt.

Rock Out the Dorm with 3 of the Best Wireless Speakers

    Having the very best sound in your dorm room is going to make the school year a whole lot more enjoyable. Rock out with your friends, stream music from your favourite station, or just mellow out with your best tunes. Wireless is the best way to go for many reasons and here are the top 3 wireless speakers to rock out the dorm.

3 Great Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Students

  Headphones aren’t just for music. With technologies like noise cancellation, they can also come in handy for ensuring a quiet environment in which to work, which is something any student can appreciate.  

Review: Is the Force with SMS Street by 50’s new Star...

A welcome addition to the “Street by 50” line of SMS’ High Quality headphones, Star Wars makes its debut, and now, you can bring the entire first series home via  Come take a closer look at look and feel of a couple of the styles and get yourself accustomed to the features of these lightweight, collapsible headphones!

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