Skullcandy Dime earbuds review

The Skullcandy Dime are tiny, budget-friendly earbuds with warm, balanced audio and a secure fit. If you're looking for value, these earbuds fit the bill.

Top 5 sport headphones, as rated by Best Buy customers

Here are the top 5 sport headphones currently on the market based on customer reviews from consumers like you!

3 top over-ear headphones, as rated by Best Buy customers

Over ear headphones are great for a variety of activities. Whether you’re watching TV, travelling on a plane, commuting on public transit or just trying to block out noise at the office, they can be super helpful. But where do you start when you're shopping for a new pair? There are so many brands, styles and features, so why not let other customers' favourite purchases guide you?

Bose sport earbuds review

If you need a pair of wireless headphones to help you stay fit, the Bose Sport Earbuds provide fantastic sound, a secure fit, and touch control features.

Review: Jabra Wireless Sports Earbuds

A few weeks ago I launched myself into a fitness program that makes cross-fit look like a walk in the park with a bunch of puppies. Needless to say, it’s tough. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was asked to review three different pairs of wireless ear buds from Jabra. I mean, if any workout was going to test the limits of headphones, the one I’ve embarked on was definitely going to do the trick.

Review: Jaybird Reign Fitness Tracker

For the past week, I’ve been rocking a new accessory on my left wrist – the Jaybird Reign Activity Tracker. Introduced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Reign goes above and beyond what other activity trackers offer by encouraging balance and prompting those who wear it to improve their habits. It tells you when you need more sleep, when you need to take it easy, and when you are your optimal self, and I recently got a chance to take one for a test drive. Here’s my take after wearing Reign 24/7 for one week.

The amazing technology in sports headphones

 Headphones designed for runners and athletes are all about staying in place during your activity. Whether it’s cushioned foam holding earbuds in, or clips or bands that can help keep things steady, if your primary use for headphones is sports, you’ll want to be sure they come with the ability to hold them in place. But there are other cool features you can find built right into headphones, including water or sweat resistance, heart rate monitoring, personal coaching, and more.    

Bose Sport Open earbuds review

For Bose, the Sport Open Earbuds bring the company’s audio prowess to an unusual design that tries to achieve a functional breakthrough.

Best headphone gifts for every budget

Looking for the perfect pair of headphones for your holiday shopping? Here's a quick look at the best headphone gifts for every budget.

Marley Champion true wireless headphones review

Every smartphone owner needs a pair of wireless headphones. The House of Marley Champion headphones offer style, fit and balanced audio for all-day use.

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