12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 is the Best Smartphone of...

It's the 8th day in our 12 Days of Christmas gift idea list, so consider one of the best smartphones of 2018—the Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Review: Carson lenses magnify your smartphone’s camera

A smartphone camera may be limited by its size, but it doesn’t have to be when accessories can enhance and take things further. Carson makes a number of different magnification products, including lenses for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices that turn them into true macro cameras and microscopes.

Motorola Moto X review: bigger and better Android experience

Last year’s Moto X was a surprise hit, winning praise for its attractive design, nearly pure Android UI and excellent value proposition. This year’s follow-up Moto X is much more than a spec-bumped version 2. The new Moto X is significantly bigger, much more powerful and gains new features, while retaining much of the appeal of the original. I just wrapped up a week with the 2014 Moto X and I’ll be sorry to see it go.

Back to School Smart Phone Accessories Roundup

The back to school season is a tricky time of year. For some it's super exciting, while for others it's seriously stressful. Whichever of these camps you fall into, if you're heading back to school this Fall season, why not enhance the experience by enhancing your smart phone with some exciting new accessories? That's right, it's time yet again for another back to school smart phone accessories roundup. Click through and read on for some extremely useful accessory ideas.

Samsung unveils new Gear 360 and Gear VR

Much of the buzz from Samsung’s big reveal for its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones included new accessories designed to work in tandem with them—a new Gear 360 camera and new Gear VR headset. Plus, a new docking station rounds out an interesting mix.

Moto 360 review: the smartwatch evolved

Smartwatches and wearables have been a hot category this year. It seems like everyone is making one, but this early in the game it’s tough to get things just right. Motorola’s Moto 360 has been one of the most hotly anticipated devices of the season because it’s one of the first out of the gate to tackle two challenges head on: it’s round like a traditional wristwatch, and with Android Wear it has an operating system built from the ground up for wearables. I’ve been spending some quality time with a Moto 360 and this is what I think about the latest must-have high tech accessory.

Why a smartphone is the most important tool for today’s travellers

If the term “never leave home without it” applied to any one material item or product, it would have to be the smartphone. Some estimates suggest the average user looks at their smartphone screen as many as 1,500 times per week. Travelling without a handset in tow seems to be getting increasingly difficult, simply because of everything it can do. From taking photos at some exotic locale, uploading them to Instagram and messaging friends and family back home, the smartphone is a versatile tool anywhere and everywhere.

Best productivity apps you should have before going back to school

Heading back to school in September? Chances are you have a tablet and even if you own a laptop PC as well, I’ll bet you’d rather be carrying the ultra-light tablet to classes than the heavier and bulkier computer. And many students are choosing to go with a tablet exclusively. Whether you’re using the tablet as your primary device or switching back and forth between it and a PC, this list of must-have productivity apps that will ensure you get the most out of your mobile device.

Back to School: Cases to protect your phone or tablet

Smartphones are the modern world's lifeblood, so it's important to keep them safe when you're out and about! These cases are all about what'll protect your phone or tablet to keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

S health is the new fitness coach

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is being released for spring and one of the key features is the new and improved S Health app.   This powerful health management system signals that Samsung is positioning itself as a key player in the fitness tracking market.   Find out how S Health app can help you get  in shape and on the road to a healthy lifestyle — just in time for summer.  

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