petcube-bite_interior_dogWe know our pets get up to all kinds of things while we’re at the office. Specialty cameras have been introduced to help us keep watch over them, but what if you could not only spy on your dog or cat, but offer them a bit of love from afar?

The new Petcube Bites is a remarkable new device that’s been shown at the massive global technology show CES 2017 that allows you to see what’s going on via a full HD camera, plus dispense treats to your good boy or girl.

The Petcube Bites device is an all in one Wi-Fi pet camera and treat dispenser that allows you to praise or train your pet even when you can’t be there.

See and speak to your pet with Petcube Bites

petcube-bite_white_silverThe device is quite versatile; you can both hear and speak to your pet via the camera so you can issue a sit/stay or order them off the sofa, then dispense a reward for good behaviour. The wide angle lens means you can see most of what’s going on.

Even if you’re not watching, you can set a treat schedule so your pet will get something tasty on a regular schedule.

Need to watch videos back later, or maybe screen them for America’s Funniest Home Videos? Cloud recording service is an option that will let you access up to 30 days of videos seamlessly. You access everything from your smart device so it’s always within reach.

Keep pets from being bored or acting out with Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites can help keep your pet from becoming bored and acting out, since your family can interact with them through the day. Plus, you’ll know if they get up to mischief with the sound and motion notification feature.

The device can be placed on a flat surface or securely wall mounted, if your dog is the type to knock it over and try to remove the treats himself.

What Petcube Bites can do:

      • Remotely fling treats on demand or schedule them
      • Stream in 1080p HD video with 138° wide angle view
      • With night vision, view in low light and no light conditions
      • Designed to hold up to 100 treats, and support any treat size up to 1-inch
      • Sound and motion alerts notify you of major events at home
      • 2-way audio to talk to and hear your pets
      • 3x digital zoom to see your pets up close
      • Cloud recording video service with Petcube Care — 10 or 30 days of history
      • iOS and Android compatible. (iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+)

Petcube Bites is available for preorder from Best Buy and will join an array of Petcube products like the Petcube Play and Wi-Fi camera.

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