We might think of our pets as part of the family, but that doesn’t mean they have the same innate human drive to protect themselves as we do. That’s why we have to step in and make sure our furry friends are safe and protected wherever we go.

Leashes and collars will do the trick for dogs, and cats can be kept indoors to protect them from the hazards on the roads, but if you have a cat or dog that’s what I call a ‘streaker’ – meaning anytime the door is open they bolt, you have a definite problem that needs solving.

We’ve recently rescued a small, black dachshund named Polly from an animal shelter. Knowing nothing about her before she came to live at our place, we found Polly was a bit too, shall we say, enthusiastic when it comes to bolting from the door whenever someone arrives. She’ll run into the road for deliverymen, ice cream trucks, and basically anyone with two legs.

Having pets like this poses problems that require solutions, and that’s where High Tech Pet comes in. They have products like invisible fences, electronic pet doors, and even a mat to keep Fido off your sofa when you aren’t home, and they’re all developed with high tech in mind. Take PAWS or Pet Activated Wireless System technology for example – it lets your dog activate devices throughout your house, so if they want to go out the pet door, it opens up. If you use a deterrent mat to keep them off your couch, it will keep them off your couch. The best part? You can use a single collar with all of High Tech Pet’s compatible pet products.

Here’s a quick look at just how far tech has come in the pet arena:

A training collar for every dog

Dogs are smart. They know exactly when your back is turned so they can dump over the garbage can, but they will refuse to sit or stay when you’re trying to train them. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on pet training classes, try the High Tech Pet Express Train Remote Radio Trainer Dog Collar.

This is a dog collar designed to help you reinforce positive behavior, and you can train your dog to do basic commands like sit, heel, or retrieve. It gives off 3 training tones for good acts and 1 negative tone for bad doggie behavior like chewing or digging. It’s waterproof so it’s great in the rain, it has a ½ mile radius, and built-in rechargeable batteries.

Say goodbye to open the door, shut the door

With 2 dogs, I tend to be at the door half the day. I try not to delay in opening the door either, because I never know when it’s an urgent situation or just someone who wants to go outside and dig up the yard. I have always wanted a pet door, but I didn’t want to have to worry about the neighborhood raccoons coming in uninvited or whether or not someone could come through it and break in.

The High Tech Pet Electronic Pet door takes care of that problem. It’s motor driven, so the door will vertically slide when the collar your pet is wearing activates it. There are four ways to access it – in only, out only, full access, and closed & locked. It’s good for pets up to 90 pounds, and it has a sensor that will only open the door when your pet walks toward it.

Keep your couch clean

Dogs seem to learn the fine art of jumping the couch at a very early age. Once they get up there, they never want to leave. I’m ok with them being on one of my couches, but I don’t want puppies sleeping on my new couch. Unfortunately every time I turn my back or leave the house, they jump right up there and have a nap.

This is where the High Tech Pet Sofa Scram Mat comes in. It will keep them off the couch by using an audible sound that’s a 85-decibel beep. Place the mat anywhere you want to keep your pet out of, like beds, couches, or in front of the door, and as soon as they step on it the beep will go off. I can imagine 3 or 4 spots in my house I’d like to place one of these, including the front door where my dog feels the need to bolt.

Lockdown your yard with an invisible fence

Wooden fences work well for keeping your dog in the backyard, but if they manage to break free, you’ve got a real problem. Especially if you live near a busy road, it’s all too easy for a dog to get hit by a car. They need to know where they can and can’t go, and you need to set boundaries to keep them safe.

The High Tech Pet Humane Contain Invisible Dog Fence System HC 7000 will help you train your dog to stay within a safe area using the radio collar. It allows the dog to recognize boundaries by emitting short bursts as soon as your dog moves closer to the fence. It adjusts to your dog’s behavior, and it will also let your pet decide when they’ve had enough and are ready to move away from the fence.

If you have a big yard, the HC 7000 kit will cover 1/3 of an acre. For bigger yards and acreages, the High Tech Pet Human Contain HC 8000 will cover up to 40 acres.

I love my dogs, and although I’ve invested a lot of time and energy trying to train them, there will also be issues as unique as the dog is. For one, it’s bolting out the door, for the other it’s sneaking under the wooden fence. It makes me glad I live in a day and age when tech advances aren’t breaking ground just for computers and tablets, but for pets and pet owners.

High Tech Pet has a lot of great pet accessories to keep both you and your pets happy. Check out High Tech Pet on Bestbuy.ca and be sure to stop by the full inventory of pet accessories now available.

Shelly Wutke
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