Cuisinart Hammered Collection Cookware Set review

I'll let you in on a little lifestyle blogger secret: cookware is a better buy when purchased in a set, including this Cuisinart Hammered Collection.

10 buys under $30 that will make your dorm room

How do you add some personality to your dorm room? Here are 10 great buys under $30: pick, choose, and add some fun touches to your dorm room

Top tips on how to care for your leather sofa

Purchasing a leather sofa isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence. That’s why it’s important to take proper care of it so it stays looking its best for years to come. Not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered with these handy tips.

Rock-Gamer Gaming Chair Review

When playing video games one subtle movement or decision could mean the difference between dominating or being destroyed by the competition. This means focus and comfort are essential to victory. The Rock-Gamer Chair aims to deliver a supportive and responsive gaming experience, but does it deliver?

Benefits of using rechargeable batteries

If you are considering disposable batteries vs rechargeable batteries, here are a few reasons why you'll want to make the switch.

Review: clean water is seconds away with the Aquasana Powered Water...


Before the Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System, I had tried a few pitcher water filters. They tend to be on the slow side when they work, and because my well water is yellow and smelly, I don’t think they’d be powerful enough to clean this water. With Aquasana, I had fresh, clean water in seconds, and it really does taste great.

Mermade PRO Waver review

Need to shake up your haircare routine? Achieve precise, beachy results with the Mermade PRO Waver available at Best Buy.

Review: Instant Pot makes cooking easier

Pressure cookers: who knew that one small appliance could cook up so many different dishes? I spent the week trying out the very versatile Instant Pot Smart pressure cooker, and now I’m a huge fan of pressure cooking and an even bigger fan of Instant Pot’s smart features.

Review of the Monster iSport Freedom Headphones


Last November, I had an opportunity to review three different in-ear headphone models from Monster’s iSport line – Strive™, Intensity™, and Victory™. While each had their pros and cons, it was the iSport Victory™ that got my vote for the best of the bunch. In fact, since my review, the Victory™ earbuds have become just as much a staple to my workouts as my overpriced stretchy pants. But to throw a bit of a kink in things, I was just sent the latest in the iSport arsenal – the over-ear, wireless, and Bluetooth-enabled Freedom™ headphones. Would they take the place of my beloved Victory?

CYBEX e-Priam stroller review

Parents of small children can use all the help they can get. The Cybex e-Priam baby stroller is motor-assisted and can help push up a hill with ease.