Good-morning-coffee-with-beans-Optimized-1There’s nothing worse than a crappy cup of coffee and there’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis, but when I do treat myself it better be worth it, and while it’s nice to hit up your local coffee joint you can save yourself quite a few dollars by making a delicious cup at home.

I actually like making mine at home because I can make it just how I like it every time. I know many people love their coffee the same way each time, but my cup varies depending on my mood and the time of year or the weather.

Bean variety

Braun drip-Optimized.jpg I learned something new about coffee beans in writing this post. There are two types of coffee bean varieties and they are Arabica and Robusta. I guess I’ve always noticed the Arabica variety because they are the most popular on the market today. These beans are high quality and more flavourful and are usually named after the country they originated in.

Robusta beans are easier to grow and do have double the caffeine than Arabica beans, but their flavour can be more astringent. If you’re really needing a caffeine boost, then you may want try this bean variety.

The best way to get the most out of your favourite coffee variety is to have a great coffee maker on hand. This Braun Drip Coffee Maker has some amazing features that will brew you the perfect cup each time. It has a PureFlavour system that will make flavourful and aromatic brews each time, and it has a really neat carafe lid that seals in freshness and minimizes any air getting in to your pot. This will also help keep your coffee warmer for longer. The 24 hour programmable timer will also allow you to get up each morning to your coffee ready and waiting.

Brew ratio

Braun drip-OptimizedOne of the nice things about brewing your own coffee at home is that you can adjust your coffee grinds to water ratio to make sure you get your desired flavour each time. It seems that the typical or recommended coffee to water ratio is 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee to 6 ounces of water. Once you start brewing your own coffee at home then you’ll quickly find your perfect brew.

This Hamilton Beach Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker can you help you get your desired cup of coffee every time you brew. It has hotter brewing temperatures which will allow you three brewing strengths, regular, bold and robust. The water window easily shows you how much water you have so you can adjust your grinds accordingly, and the programmable timer will ensure your coffee is ready for you when you need it.

Coffee strength

I’m personally a light coffee drinker on the regular and a medium roast drinker on occasion. A nice light roast is the perfect pick me up because I try not to drink it every day, but being a working mom of two boys there are definitely days where I need a good medium roast.

I actually love a medium roast when I’m feeling like a really milky coffee. I’ll brew myself a cup then add almost the same amount of milk as coffee and give it a quick reheat in the microwave to get the temperature back up. It’s a little bit like comfort food for me.

With summer break nearing its end, and back to school way to close for my liking, I know I’ll be setting the timer on my coffee maker more often than not.

You can check out for a variety of coffee makers, you’ll be sure to find one that will suit you perfectly.

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