Enter for a chance to win personal care tools from Philips

Taking time for personal care and personal grooming will be much easier if you win one of these great Philips prizes.

Toddler bed buying guide

A toddler bed is the next step when transitioning your child from a crib. Here's what to look for in a toddler bed and a few options you can choose from.

How to clean and sanitize the tech in your home

Cleaning your tech can not only help keep your home germ-free, but can even improve your tech's performance and prolong its life.

Mother’s day gifts that will make mom feel special for years...


It’s worth starting off by noting that every mother should be appreciated, and have that appreciation shown, all year long. Putting that aside, and assuming that you’ve already made the obligatory tray of breakfast in bed, remember that no mom will deny (secretly or otherwise) that receiving a nicely-wrapped package is a great way to show your appreciation, too. Here are a few great gift ideas for some of the likely types of moms on your list:

Review: Fat tire fun with the Surface 604 Element All Terrain...


There are two things you need to know about Fat Tire Electric Bikes – one, they’re unlike any bike you’ve ever ridden before and two, they’re so fun they’ll make you forget about every other bike you’ve got in your garage. I’d go as far as saying you’ll be hooked on Fat Bikes with just one ride – at least that’s what I discovered when I toured the Surface 604 factory and rolled away on a Surface 604 Element Electric Bike myself.

What’s new in baby gear for 2016


For those having babies today, there’s so much cool gear out there from which to choose. From extra-protective car seats, to convenient, fold-up playards and beds, there’s no shortage of innovation in baby gear for 2016. Here, we highlight 10 new items for you.

How to actually be prepared for car camping

Believe it or not, but spring is just around the corner, and with its arrival will come warmer weather and the start of road trip season. But before you hop in the car and head out on your next adventure, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at you. So, to help you out, here’s a list of essentials you should always keep in your car so you’re covered in emergency situations, and in times when you’re so excited to get on the road you would have otherwise forgotten to pack.

Shelly’s Friday Favourites experiments with spices

I’ll come right out and admit it. Until fairly recently, I wasn’t a big fan of experimenting with spices. Part of the reason was because I was stuck in a rut after years of cooking for kids who would turn their noses up at anything that wasn’t completely traditional. Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and even spaghetti sauce-if I added even a touch of spice, they wouldn’t eat it and I’d end up making them something else. Now that I’ve started experimenting with spices, I’ve taken the most basic dishes I’ve always cooked and jazzed them up until they are virtually unrecognizable. Here are three of my favourite recipes to get you started experimenting with spices.

Bartesian serves up a perfect drink at CES 2020

Keurig isn’t the only vendor putting machines to work in making drinks, as Bartesian showcased its own take on automated bartending and mixology.

Enter for a chance to win a great Aura digital photo...

Find new inspiration for your mobile photography by entering this contest for a chance to win an Aura Digital Frame so you can display your images for all to enjoy.