Review: BenQ 4K 32-inch monitor

If you're looking for a new monitor that is perfectly suited for a creative professional or hardcore PC gamer, then you're going to want to check this one out for sure.

WIN a Samsung 34″ Widescreen WQHD Curved LED Monitor

Get ready for a computer experience like you’ve never experienced before. Samsung’s new 34 inch widescreen curved monitors provide an immersive and comfortable viewing experience.  Best Buy is going to give you a chance to win one so you can see and feel the how good a computer monitor can be in this contest.  Read on for all the details:        

Why you need a PC gaming monitor

Thinking of upgrading your monitor to improve your gaming experience? Here's a quick list of reasons why a PC gaming monitor is a great idea.

Is a new 4K computer monitor the coolest tech gift this...

So many pixels! The future of digital content is going to be broadcast in 4K, and you need the right monitor to see it all. Use this Q & A to help make the jump to 4K.

Review: Samsung SD590C Curved LED Monitor

You might be surprised just how much difference the right monitor can make but the combination of a curved screen, thin bezel and integrated speakers makes the Samsung SD590C curved 27″ monitor one you’ll definitely want to take a look at.

Why add a second display?

One of the key features of your laptop is its compact, portable form factor. Open it up and you have a fully functional, self-contained PC, complete with a built-in monitor. Snap the lid closed and you can scoop it up and take it anywhere. So why would you want to add a second display? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Actually, an external monitor is one of the best additions you can make to any laptop, and it’s a useful addition to a desktop PC as well.

Review: Acer XB270HU Gaming monitor with G-Sync

With gamers spending so much time, money, and attention in fine-tuning the details of their gaming rig, they deserve a monitor that can keep up and really showcase that graphical performance. That monitor is finally here with the Acer XB270HU high performance 27” IPS gaming monitor.

Be more productive with your PC: Upgrade to a widescreen monitor

Are you looking to wow your bosses with your superb work ethic, but aren’t exactly sure how to squeeze out extra productivity at the office without having to clone yourself? It turns out you can actually “see” your way to wasting less time at work and be more productive with your PC by upgrading to a widescreen monitor.

How to set up your PC to work from home

Working from home is an increasingly popular trend. Doing so saves on office space, commute time and many of the expenses of having a team working in a centralized building. It can also be an attractive option for employees. I worked from home on a part-time basis for a decade and switched to full-time over five years ago —I can’t even picture going back to a traditional office. But if you’re going to make this work, you have to take it seriously (it’s not all coffee on the deck and hanging out with the dogs) and your PC is a central component. I’ve put together suggestions on how to set up your PC to work from home.

Enter the ProArt series 4K Monitor contest from ASUS and Best...

 Computer monitors, like television sets, have undergone a huge revolution in design and technological innovation over the past 10 years. The ASUS ProArt series of monitors are great examples of how fantastic they have become. They have a stunning 4K resolution and ultra-fast refresh rates so photographs and video are brilliantly clear and realistic. Any photography or video professional would love to work on this monitor. Editing using one of these monitors is easier than ever; the results are more precise too. Enter this contest on Facebook and you can nominate a photographer or videographer you know to win one of these monitors.

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