Review: Breville Risotto Plus 10-Cup Rice/ Slow Cooker

If you’ve ever tried to make homemade risotto, you know that to achieve the right consistency, you need to stir almost constantly for 20 or more minutes–time that could be better spent prepping other parts of your meal, or sipping a glass of wine and flipping through a magazine. That’s where the Breville Risotto Plus comes in. Not only does it make perfectly creamy risotto without the need to stir, but it also functions as a rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker.

What appliances should I take to my dorm room?

As crazy as it sounds, a new school year is just around the corner. How did that happen? I haven’t even started my New Years resolutions yet! But there’s no getting around it, September will be here before you know it, so if you’re heading off to university this fall, now is the time to start collecting everything you need to make your dorm as comfortable as possible–including these essential dorm room appliances.

My favourite appliances for back to school

There’s a little known fact no one told me about being a parent: when you finally have some dedicated free time, your creativity goes into overdrive. When all my kids go back to school I pull out my favourite appliances and create all of those great dishes I stopped making when it warmed up outside. Read on for my favourite appliances for back to school.

Shelly’s Friday Favourites brings a rice cooker along to the dorm

Back to school is just around the corner and if you’re living in dorms the prospect of eating dorm food all the time might be less than appealing. There are some great small apppliances that can do much more than their names entail. This week I’m checking out what else a rice cooker has to offer besides boring plain old rice, and you just might be excited to see what they can do.

The new Cricut Explore Air will be a bride’s best friend

With wedding season near again, there’s never been a better time for the release of the brand new Cricut Explore Air.

Review: You’ll never buy pasta again when you have the Phillips...

There is something about pasta that’s comfort food to me, especially in a cream sauce with mushrooms and asparagus. Pasta is a family favourite at my house, and because it’s my go to for entertaining and so easy to make on a busy night, I make it often. Fresh pasta is better than store bought pasta any day, so when given the opportunity to test the Phillips Pasta Maker, I was all in.

Dyson innovation: three inventions that never made it

James Dyson launched the world’s first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner 21 years ago after 5,127 prototypes. Dyson engineers thrive on invention, are driven by frustration and achieve remarkable outcomes through perseverance. That said, not everything works out! Dyson recently turned 21 and uncharacteristically, decided to unlock the vault to reveal three of their inventions that didn’t make it. 

Get Multi-Cooking with the Philips Multicooker

The Philips Multicooker is a one-pot wonder that's perfect for busy weeknights. You can make almost anything in it, and clean up is a breeze.

Review: The Belkin WeMo Crock Pot brings slow cooking to your...

It’s oddly the smarthome device I’ve wanted most to see come to Canada, and it’s just about here! The Belkin WeMo Crock Pot is your traditional slow cooker with a 21st century twist.  You can keep track of your meal while it cooks using the handy app, and even set and reset timers. Come take a look!  

Top 5 Blenders, as rated by Best Buy Customers

When it comes to blenders, one size does not fit all, and there are a lot of different makes and models to choose from. Hand or immersion blenders, countertop blenders, or even juicer/blender combinations – no matter what you want to use your blender for, there’s a blender to suit you.  Here’s a look at the top blenders carried on as rated by you, the customers.