cool dorm room appliancesEveryone who goes away to school wants to have the cool dorm room, but having the best dorm room is about more than just washi tape covering all your corners and a big chalkboard framed on your walls. Having the cool dorm room is about having a great set up for eating and studying.

When school gets stressful you want to be the one to welcome your stressed out friends into a cozy room with all the comforts of home, and just like when you lived at home, you can offer them a nice place to study, work on projects, and eat a home cooked meal.

No you won’t have room in a dorm to have a well stocked kitchen fit for a foodie, but thanks to these cool appliances, you’ll be the main attraction on your floor.

Electric kettle  tea kettle

Student life means a lot of stress. Whether that’s you and your friends staying up all night long studying or you spending your winter running back and forth to class down a long concourse in the pouring rain, you’re going to want to indulge in a little tea time.

Having an electric kettle in your dorm room means you can offer your friends a warm pot of tea on an icy winter day and beat the gloom away when school gets to be too much for you. There’s different types of kettles: some will give you the perfect temperature of hot water for the best cup of tea, while others have built-in steeping.

Convection Toaster Ovencuisinart steam toaster oven

When you’re a student you expect that there will be French fries, burgers, and fast food in your future. It’s easy to grab during a late night studying and even easier to eat, but if you have a cool convection toaster oven, friends will flock to your room for late night study sessions.

The Cuisinart CSO-300 steam oven gives you the power to cook healthy meals right in your dorm room. It’s a steam oven that can cut your cooking time up to 40% and will hold a 12” pizza or a whole chicken.

This is an amazing appliance that even your mom will be jealous of, and having it in your dorm room means you can create everything from a tray of fresh baked cookies, baked chicken and vegetables, and your standard good morning toast.

breakfast centralBreakfast Central

Breakfast is the favourite meal of the day for a lot of people, and when you’re in the dorm room one of the things you might miss are weekend breakfasts with the family. You can create your own family atmosphere with your friends during study weekends if you have the Cuisinart Breakfast Central in your dorm.

Can you say chicken and waffles? It’s easy with Breakfast Central. It can make omelets, pancakes, fried eggs, and frittatas on one side and on the other, golden brown waffles. Mix the two together and you have a built-in breakfast buffet for friends.

Your dorm will mean home sweet home for a lot of your friends if you set it up with these cool appliances. Take a look at all of the great appliances Best Buy has for back to school, and get ready for a great school year.











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