Put technology to work while you’re driving and give yourself that extra bit of security. The THINKWARE DASH CAM sits in your dashboard acting as your silent witness on the road, recording events you can review later. It’s not something anyone likes to think about. Car accidents can happen at the least expected time. It only takes a small fender-bender to realize you’re not immune.

It was developed to accompany you on the road, whether your on your daily commute or on a family road trip vacation. As soon as you turn on the ignition, the Dash Cam automatically starts recording video to capture what is going on outside your vehicle. Should an impact happen, the Dash Cam automatically stores the previous 20 seconds onto a flash drive. You can review the footage at a later time to figure out the chain of events and not have to rely solely on a shaky memory. The footage can also be used as a form of supplementary evidence for insurance purposes, thus protecting you against insurance frauds and hit-and-runs.

A second set of eyes

Thinkware H100 HD Dashcam.jpg

The Thinkware H100 HD Dashcam gives your extra mind of mind by recording 720p HD video at 30fps. Advanced Video Clear Technology gives you incredible video clarity and the 140-degree wide viewing angle gives maximum visibility. This camera is smart enough to automatically switch to parking mode when the ignition is turned off and the parking surveillance mode is ready with motion detection so if someone hits your car, the Thinkware H100 will record all the action. No more hit and runs in the parking lot. You don’t have to worry about the device going dark either just when you need it most. The Thinkware H100 uses super capacitor technology so no additional battery is needed. The built-in 3G thermal sensors will automatically shut off during high temps so there won’t be any meltdowns. Forget those bulky suction cups as well. Thinkware H100 uses an adhesive tape mount that stays put, eliminating any vibrations and ensuring the device stays on the windshield no matter how hard the impact may be. Comes equipped with a Car Charger, 8GB MLC Type Micro SD Memory Card With Adaptor and USB Micro SD Card Reader, PC Viewer compatible with Windows/ MacOS systems.

Instant playback

Thinkware X300 Full HD Touchscreen Dashcam.jpg

Thinkware X300 Full HD Touchscreen Dashcam lets you see the recorded footage instantly. It records all the action around your car recording events with clear 1080p Full HD video at 30 fps. The 8.8 cm (3.5 in) touchscreen lets you easily set the features but also playback the video recorded. It’s the perfect companion on a road trip because it can record those little surprises we miss happening alongside us on the road. You can’t notice everything while driving and even as a passenger you’re going to miss certain moments. Thinkware X300 lets you playback the road just travelled to reveal those hidden moments and adds to your memories. It’s also equipped with a super capacitor technology that gives you long battery life and the ability to store footage within a wide temperature range. It’s going to stay put as well since it uses the adhesive mount. Thinkware X300’s built-in voltage monitor will switch to shut off to preserve power and it also automatically switches to parking mode. Comes with a Car Charger, 16GB MLC Type Micro SD Memory Card With Adaptor, USB Micro SD Card Reader; PC Viewer for Windows / MacOS.

Track locations and speed

Thinkware F550 Full HD Dashcam With GPS.jpg

The Thinkware F550 Full HD Dashcam with GPS gives you the added benefit of recording the speed and location of where your car ha driven. It pinpoints the position on a map and records the speed you were going at the time of the collision as well as the severity of the impact. You can also use this feature to track the record of your journey. Parents can use this feature to review how their teens have been driving and help them to become a better driver while making the roads safer.

Like the H100 and X300, the Thinkware F550 has different recording modes. Continuous recording is automatically activated when you start your engine in one-minute clips. Incident recording detects impacts using the built-in gyro sensor and instantly starts saving footage 10 seconds before a collision is detected. Motion detection recording happens when anyone approaches or starts lurking near your car. Since the power cable is always connected, there is no need to turn it on or off and it will automatically switch between modes. Thinkware F550’s auto-looping function, allows unused footages to be overwritten automatically if the memory card is full. The built-in voltage monitor prevents battery drain and there is no need for a battery.

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  1. I just got myself the Garmin Dashcam…. it feels like a FitBit for the car.  Creepy… it tracks location, speed, and what you hit.


    Going into curves? Abrupt stops?  It even tracks and displays laterial G forces.  Having too much fun.

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