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ZEEQ Smart Pillow Overview

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Overview


Sleepless nights no longer have to be a mystery when you have technical solutions to help you reach the kind of slumber you desire. Tossing and turning, or consistent snoring, this smart pillow features adjustable memory foam fill that changes ever so slightly to increase your comfort. A high-quality pillow cover made with moisture-wicking Tencel botanic fibre feels soft to the touch every time.

As a sleep monitor designed to help you rest better every night, ZEEQ analyzes your sleep patterns. It uses motion sensors inside the pillow to help make subtle adjustments to your posture to reduce or eliminate snoring. Internal speakers let you stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth to listen to the music or audio content that helps you sleep soundly.


Snoring isn’t fun for anyone, especially anyone sharing a bed or room with you. Keeping the noise down doesn’t have to be difficult with a little help from the technology inside this smart pillow.

A built-in snore alarm will vibrate once snoring hits a preset volume level to prompt you to change sleep positions. The alarm is centralized at your head and neck to gently wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.

You can check your Snore Score through the iOS and Android app anytime to see how much you’re improving. The microphone inside the smart pillow records your snoring throughout, where you can see the ebbs and flows in volume on the app.


You get 8 built-in speakers that connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices, including smartphones and tablets. No need to use headphones or earbuds to listen to the audio content you want when falling asleep.

Play the music you like most, or doze off from a sleep track or podcast straight from your phone. ZEEQ offers its own soundscapes for a more ambient experience, giving you yet another option. Do it all without disturbing your partner.

This smart pillow includes support for IFTTT to integrate with your compatible smart home devices. That gives you the chance to create a more holistic view of your health and wellness each day, from the moment you go to bed, and throughout the following day.


ZEEQ goes beyond just dampening snoring, it can track your sleep to give you daily reports on how much quality down time you get every night. The motion sensors inside monitor how much you move and how much time you spend in deeper sleep.

By analyzing your full sleep cycle, this smart pillow catalogues sleep habits for a long-term view of how your activity impacts sleep quality. View 7 days’ worth of trends on the app. Dig deeper by manually inputting information about your diet, caffeine, alcohol consumption and exercise tracking to see the bigger picture.

An included remote control lets you power on or off, change volume, and personalize settings whenever your phone or tablet is out of reach. Remove the Tencel fabric pillow cover anytime it needs a wash to keep your ZEEQ smart pillow fresh. Recharge the battery after 2 weeks.


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