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UBTECH Jimu Robot BuzzBot and MuttBot Kit Overview

UBTECH Jimu Robot BuzzBot and MuttBot Kit Overview


Do you enjoy build toys? How about robots? If either of these toy types appeals to you, you’re sure to love the exciting new Jimu Robot BuzzBot & MuttBot Kit. These bots, recommended for kids Ages 8 and up, are as much fun to build as they are to program.

Jimu Robot is the fun new Robotic Building System that’s perfect for absolutely everyone. You can design and build your own unique creations, or follow the simple instructions to build the incredible BuzzBot & MuttBot. Everything you need is included in the kit, and the end result can be controlled by your smart device.

As a STEM based learning toy, you can program your Jimu Robot to do your bidding as you simultaneously learn coding and other robotic concepts. With Jimu, kids and adults alike will get smarter as they play and engage with real robots. The skills learned through Jimu will benefit users both in school and in life. All that’s required is you and your imagination.


Building your Jimu robot(s) is fun and easy. Simply follow the straightforward step-by-step instructions in the Jimu App and you’ll be interacting with your own amazing robot in no time. These 3-Dimensional instructions give you a 360° view of every step in the robot build process, making it super quick and easy to assemble your very own bot.

Once your robot is fully assembled, you can program its movements and actions through Jimu’s easy to use PRP system. PRP stands for Pose, Record, and Play, and it’s really just as easy as that. Simply pose your robot, record an action, and play it back. Your robot will do exactly as you command (within reason, of course).

You can even program your Jimu Robot using Blockly Coding, which allows you to create specific command sequences from the simple to the complex—the choice is all yours. Whatever you decide, your Jimu Robot is always ready and waiting to obey. Your wish is his command!


Among the coolest aspects of Jimu Robot is the wonderful online community it provides. This allows you to share your own unique creations with other Jimu enthusiasts directly via the Jimu App, or check out their cool designs and try to recreate them yourself. You can even employ a collaborative approach to take someone else’s creation to a whole new level, improving on it and ultimately creating something even better.

This is because the Jimu App allows users and enthusiasts to connect with one another and touch base with other ingenious creators throughout the Jimu Robot Community. What better way to stretch one’s mind to new and exciting limits than by interacting with and learning from other creative thinkers. When two or more Jimu inspired minds come together, you just never know what amazing creations might emerge. It’s a fun and exciting way to instil the concepts of cooperation and teamwork in kids and adults alike.


The UBTECH Jimu Robot BuzzBot & MuttBot Kit is a great addition to any STEM based learning curriculum. In addition to developing coding and programming skills, kids get to learn useful robotics concepts by actually engaging with real robots. They’ll develop valuable skills that will serve them well later on in life—particularly if they wish to ultimately enter one of the key STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

But Jimu Robot isn’t just about engineering and education. Jimu Robot is also fun! Imagine the value of having one’s very own programmable robot—and a rebuildable one at that! With Jimu Robot, kids get to use their imaginations to create countless robotic creations in any configuration they can conceive of. It’s truly the place where learning and fun intersect. What better way to learn important STEM concepts than by simply playing and having fun?

When it comes to combining education and play, the Jimu Robot BuzzBot & MuttBot Kit simply can’t be beat. Let the fun and learning begin!

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