The WeMo Wi-Fi 3-Way Smart Light Switch makes your home smarter, and better!

Would you like to have a smarter home? With the WeMo Wi-Fi 3-Way Smart Light Switch, you’ll enjoy a greater level of control over the lights and ceiling fans in your home. Your first go-to control option is likely to be the hands-free convenience of easy voice control. The WeMo 3-Way Light Switch is compatible with voice recognition devices such as smart speakers, meaning you can simply pair your WeMo switch with your chosen smart assistant and tell your lights exactly what you want them to do. 

Alternatively, there’s the WeMo mobile app, which adds conveniences like the ability to set automatic schedules and timers, as well as the option of controlling your lights from anywhere in the world with your existing smart phone. There’s even a special randomizing feature that adds security by creating the impression that someone is at home when you’re actually away. It’s security and convenience all in one device.

Easily turn your lights on or off from anywhere 

One of the greatest benefits of the WeMo 3-Way Light Switch is the fact that it gives you complete control over your lights, ceiling fans, and any other switch controlled devices you have installed in your home—all with no special hub or subscription required. This means that once your switch is installed, you’ll be able to control whatever it’s connected to whether you’re on the other side of the room or the other side of the world. WeMo’s wireless technology makes connecting to devices from throughout your home or office a breeze.

You can control your lights directly from the wall switch itself, tell your lights what to do using hands-free voice control, or use the WeMo app on your smart device from wherever you may be in the world that has a Wi-Fi connection. And when you’re away from home, WeMo’s special Away Mode can be set to turn your lights on and off at random times, thus making it look like someone is there and deterring potential trespassers or burglars.

A variety of easy to use control options

The WeMo 3-Way Smart Light Switch gives you a multitude of easy to use control options. It works with popular smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to provide hands-free voice control, and it works with modern smart home ecosystems like IFTTT (If This, Then That) and Apple HomeKit.

Of course, there’s also the dedicated WeMo app, which you can freely download and use directly on your Android or iOS based smart phone. This gives you many great options, such as the ability to create custom timers and set automatic schedules to control your lights and ceiling fans. 

You can even synchronize your various lights and fans to sunrise, sunset, or preset times automatically, or group multiple WeMo devices together and control them as a unit, turning them on or off with a single 2-second press on your WeMo light switch. It’s both easy and convenient.

With 3-Way lighting control 

The WeMo 3-Way Light Switch replaces your standard single-pole or 3-way light switches. It requires just one switch per 3-way circuit, meaning that each single WeMo smart switch can control more than one light or light fixture in your home. No special hub is necessary to make the WeMo 3-Way Light Switch work. You’ll go to no additional fuss or expense to enjoy the benefits of this smart switch. Simply install your WeMo switch, establish a connection with your home Wi-Fi network, and download/set up the WeMo mobile app to take control of your lights. It’s just that simple.

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