If you’re worried about the paperwork and stress when filing your Canada tax return, it’s time to take a look at UFile for 2019. All UFile products are easy to use, reliable, and can prepare all types of tax returns. When you file with UFile products, you get the best tax refund possible.

From personal tax returns to tax returns for people who are self-employed, UFile will help you save time and avoid costly mistakes. With warning and error tracking messages to guide you, you can file taxes for the current year or resubmit previously filed returns using CRA’s ReFILE service.

Quick, simple, and perfect for every type of tax return

Whether you’re someone who’s been self-employed for several years or you’re looking for an easy to use, reliable way to file your personal taxes, UFile is the answer. It processes all types of personal tax returns including self-employed, so you never have to wonder if the tax software you’ve purchased is the best fit for you. Plus, UFile is always up-to-date with the latest tax laws for all provinces (including Quebec).

When you’re filing your tax return with UFile, you’ll receive customized tax-saving ideas to save you and your family money. Immediate tax saving feedback is given every step of the way. If you’re worried about making a mistake, you’ll love the warning and error tracking messages at the bottom of your screen.

Receive the best tax results possible

When you’re filing your taxes, your goal is to either maximize your Canadian tax refund or lower the amount you owe to the CRA. With UFile, you get an easy-to-use tax program that’s designed to give you the best tax results possible, guaranteed.

UFile lets you file your return online using CRA’s fast and secure NETFILE service, allowing you to receive your refund in as little as 10 days. UFile also supports express notice of assessment from the CRA.

Avoid mistakes with the CRA Auto-Fill My Return service

UFile includes the CRA Auto-Fill My Return service (AFR) to make it even easier to file taxes. The service automatically fills in parts of your income tax return with the information CRA already has on file. If you live in Quebec, UFile also offers Quebec Tax Data Download, the Quebec equivalent of AFR.

Once you’ve used UFile you’ll realize how easy it is to NETFILE your taxes, and if you have older tax returns you’d like to refile, that’s easy too. UFile allows for re-submission of previously filed returns using CRA’s ReFILE service.

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