Meet the Thinkware F200 PRODG dash cam bundle

The Thinkware F200 PRODG dash cam bundle functions as your third eyewitness. It records driving and events, including even motion while the car is parked, protecting you in the event of a collision or incident on the road or even one off the road, like a potential theft or hit-and-run.

With a GPS antenna included, this model is one of the best dash cams for vehicles and does more than just record footage while driving. You can also get advanced driver assistance including lane departure warnings, potential front collision warnings, upcoming red light and speed camera warnings and more.

Thanks to built-in dash cam Wi-Fi connectivity you can adjust settings, view recorded footage, and more at any time using your smartphone. The low-profile 1080p rear view camera comes bundled with a 32GB microSD card, car power cable, hardwiring cable and external GPS antenna. Get driving and recording right away, although professional installation is recommended to unlock Advanced Parking Mode.

Reliable recordings

Thanks to a number of features and technologies, the Thinkware F200 PRO is designed to keep recording no matter the situation. Integrated thermal protection uses supercapacitors and a thermal sensor to automatically shut down the unit if extremely high temperatures are detected inside the vehicle. This will prevent heat-related damage when you’re driving in especially hot and humid climates.

The supercapacitors, meanwhile, function as a safe alternative to batteries. Should the power suddenly cut off to the unit, it will get enough back-up power to finish recording and saving the current video clip. This way, you won’t miss any critical footage in the event of a collision.

The unit also features anti-file corruption through a proprietary file writing protocol that allocates a certain amount of space on a memory card (Thinkware branded recommended) for footage to be saved in the event of data corruption.

Driving alerts

The Thinkware F200 PRODG bundle has a GPS antenna included to deliver safety cam alerts and road safety warnings. The driver will receive verbal notifications of things like upcoming red light and speed cameras through the unit’s built-in speaker to help not only prevent tickets but also encourage safer driving habits. Thinkware regularly updates its database of safety camera locations, which can be downloaded from the Thinkware LINK app.

Road safety warnings are also provided, such as the potential for a forward collision should the driver get too close to the car in front of it, lane departure warnings when veering out of a lane, and front vehicle departures should you get distracted at a red light and not notice that traffic has begun to move.

The best part is that all of the warnings are customizable, so you can choose which alerts meet your driving needs.

Monitoring while parked, too

While the dash cam excels at keeping track of what’s going when you’re out on the open road, the Thinkware F200 PRO is also a dash cam with parking mode for when the vehicle is stationary, too. Advanced Parking Mode monitors for potential theft or hit-and-runs by automatically recording a 20-second clip (10 seconds before, 10 seconds after) if the impact or motion sensor is triggered to capture any critical footage. Recordings in this mode are saved to a dedicated spot on the microSD card so they’re easy to find for insurance claims.

If preferred, you can also set the dash cam to Time Lapse or Energy Savings Mode to reduce power consumption, which is ideal when parked in a busy area as it might be capturing a steady stream of movement.

Worried the battery might die? A built-in voltage meter safeguards against potential battery drains so you won’t miss a beat.

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