Introducing the Sony CS-series of home theatre speakers. This versatile collection of speakers feature advanced technology such as mica-reinforced cones, Sony’s own wide dispersion Super Tweeter, and premium wooden enclosures.

Choose the SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers for room-filling sound in a compact package. The SS-CS3 floor-standing speakers bring your music even closer to a live performance, with features like a 3-way, 4-speaker bass-reflex system and 145-watt power handling. Both speaker choices deliver an expansive soundstage with powerful bass, detailed highs and support for High-Resolution audio. For even more low end punch, add the SA-CS9 10-inch Active subwoofer with its built-in amplifier and 115-watt output. 

The Sony SS-CSE Atmos speakers can be easily wall mounted or simply placed on top of your existing bookshelf or floor-standing speakers, to deliver 360-degree Dolby Atmos® audio for the ultimate in immersive home cinema. 


Whether listening to your favourite music or watching a blockbuster movie, Sony’s CS-series home theatre speakers deliver exceptional, room-filling audio performance.

Music simply doesn’t get any better. Featuring advanced components like Sony’s Super Tweeter, optimized crossover circuitry, mica-reinforced cones and acoustically optimized cabinets, the SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers and SS-CS3 floor-standing speakers deliver superb audio. Music has an expansive soundstage with powerful bass, vocals that reproduce all the passion of the original performance, and crystal clear high-frequency notes. You will also be well equipped to enjoy all the advantages of High Resolution audio.

Cinephiles will love the upgrade to 360-degree Dolby Atmos® surround sound offered by the SS-CSE Atmos speakers. Add them along with the SS-CS8 centre channel speaker and the SA-CS9 10-inch Active subwoofer to the SS-CS3 floor-standing and SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers for the ultimate 5.1.2 multi-channel home Dolby Atmos® cinema audio experience.


Sony’s CS-series of home theatre stereo speakers feature advanced audio technology within high quality cabinets that are designed to enhance acoustics, while complementing your decor.

For example, the Sony SS-CS3 floor-standing speakers are equipped with a wide dispersion Super Tweeter for precise reproduction of high frequency notes, an incredible soundstage and support for High-Resolution audio. Enjoy energetic and emotional vocal response thanks to high-quality crossover networks that minimize signal loss. The speaker cabinets are all-wood and ported, with an attractive black wood veneer finish. Components are carefully positioned to isolate them from vibration, and to enhance acoustics. Even the speaker baffles are optimized, with angled edges to reduce noise and enhance soundstage.

All CS series speakers feature mica-reinforced cellular woofer diaphragms that allow for sustained, driving bass without the deterioration over time that traditional paper cones suffer. 


Sony SS-CSE Atmos speakers bring cinematic Dolby Atmos® audio to your home theatre setup. 

Having Dolby Atmos® support elevates viewing movies to an entirely new level of immersion by delivering 360-degree surround sound that completely envelopes you in sound from every direction, including from above. With Sony’s SS-CSE Atmos speakers, the setup is anything but complicated. Their perfectly angled design means these speakers can be easily mounted on a wall or offer the flexibility of placing the Sony SS-CSE Atmos speakers on top of your existing bookshelf or floor-standing speakers providing all the advantages of upgrading to Dolby Atmos® surround sound with minimal installation.

Add the compact Sony SA-CS9 Active Subwoofer to complete your home theatre setup: immersive, multi-channel surround sound with the powerful, low frequency rumble to bring special effects to life.

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