Every parent knows it’s important to establish routines when your children are young, but it’s also one of the hardest things to do. When you need help establishing good habits and helping your children understand the concept of time, the icon-based Octopus Watch will be your helping hand. It helps you set healthy routines for your child, and it will encourage them to stay active by monitoring their daily fitness.

With over 2000+ icons available, your child will enjoy visual scheduling and will quickly see and understand times, chores, and tasks. When it’s time to brush their teeth, have a nap, or make their bed, they just have to look down at their watch to see what to do. Thanks to the free mobile app, you can take a look at progress or see tips at any time.

Teach your child smart habits in an all-new way

Children quickly learn to respond to visual images. Long before they can read, write, or even tell time, they understand what a toothbrush looks like or what pulling out a book means. The Octopus Icon-Based Watch uses these types of images to form over 2000 icons your child can easily learn and identify.

The icon-based Octopus Watch will display icons on their watch during set time periods, and you can use adaptive coaching to choose which icons are displayed as reminders or for activities. The watch has a built-in memory of two years.

Improve responsibility and self-esteem with Octopus watch

Given how busy life can be, sticking to a set schedule can be difficult. If you are struggling to establish routine and teach your children responsibility, the Octopus Icon-Based Watch is wearable technology that will help both you and your child foster independence, build self-esteem, and learn good habits along the way.

Octopus Icon-Based Watch is a scheduler for your child’s day-to-day life. Your child wears it just like a normal watch on his or her wrist, and you choose the icons that display and what time they appear. The Octopus watch is hypoallergenic and has interchangeable bands your child can wear. It’s also splashproof and has a 75mAh battery that lasts 3 to 5 days with motion tracking or 15 days without.

Keep parenting consistent with Octopus Icon-Based Watch

With the Octopus Watch on their wrist, the routine you prioritize for your child will stay consistent. If you have a caregiver watching over them or they visit grandparents, Octopus Watch will help your child and their caregiver stick to their schedule.

Thanks to the 3-axis digital accelerometer and 3-axis digital gyroscope in the Octopus Watch, you can track fitness or prioritize activity during the day. It will track steps and motion. When bedtime consistency is key, the Octopus Watch encourages a set bedtime and includes a customizable night light, alarm, and charging station to help lull your child to sleep.

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