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Based in Silicon Valley, PowerWatch is creating the best active lifestyle smartwatch experience by harnessing the energy of the user. The innovative technology of PowerWatch provides all the benefits of the top fitness trackers and is compatible with all platforms, making it the world’s only full-featured smartwatch on the market that you never have to charge.

The PowerWatch mission is to improve lives through modern, eco-friendly technology without limits. Push yourself further than you ever have before with PowerWatch, the only smartwatch that can keep up with you.

Never charge again

Features like on-board GPS, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, real sleep tracking, full colour display, app support, push notifications, movement tracking, industry-leading water resistance of up to 200m, and power measuring become enhanced and more convenient with PowerWatch’s thermoelectric engine.

PowerWatch makes use of the energy we generate every day that would otherwise go to waste. By using the MATRIX thermoelectric engine, PowerWatch is able to harness this energy to ensure your watch is charged at all times, without the need for any cables.

Always find your way 

The integrated GPS of PowerWatch allows for pinpoint location accuracy anywhere in the world.

Because of the power needed to track runs, hikes, and location, most smartwatches limit the ping time to save battery. Only PowerWatch allows GPS and location tracking without limitations as the MATRIX thermoelectric engine guarantees it will always be charged.

In addition to constant location services, PowerWatch is able to measure distance, count steps, track sleep, and monitor cadence as well. These on-board sensors allow for accurate tracking of your entire lifestyle.

No other smartwatch on the market today can match the standard of performance that PowerWatch’s thermoelectric engine allows.

Accuracy where it matters

Because PowerWatch utilizes the MATRIX thermoelectric engine, it can measure your actual body heat as it relates to calorie burning. This gives the wearer unprecedented accuracy when it comes to meal tracking and workout results. Every other smartwatch guesses—PowerWatch doesn’t have to.

Another feature that works with unprecedented accuracy due to the MATRIX thermoelectric engine is sleep tracking.

Since you don’t have to remove PowerWatch at night to charge it like other smartwatches, you can continue to wear it through the night to track real-time sleep patterns. This gives the wearer the most accurate results, based on actual movement, with no wires attached.

All these features and more make PowerWatch the most uniquely accurate, full-featured smartwatch you’ll never have to charge. Ever.

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  1. This watch looks really cool! I think I want to get a new watch for myself, but I wish it had blood pressure monitoring. I think I’ll check this one out anyway.


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