The most technologically advanced smart lighting system available today

Nanoleaf Canvas is an extraordinary smart lighting experience. The modular lighting system uses a series of square panels. Canvas goes far beyond the capability of RGB lighting with support for 16 million+ colours, 1200K-6500K white light temperature range, and brightness control. Each panel is equipped with Nanoleaf’s exclusive LayoutDetect™ technology that enables animations to flow intelligently between panels based on your layout. Canvas light panels even react to touch!

Assemble the Nanoleaf Canvas light panels in your own custom design, aided by the Nanoleaf app which uses AR to show what your creation will look like in your room. Choose from built-in Scenes, download community shared Scenes, or create your own. Use a Rhythm Scene to have Canvas pulse to the beat of your music, turning your room into a disco.

With support for leading smart home platforms—including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and SmartThings—Nanoleaf Canvas is a stunning LED lighting installation that’s truly smart décor.

Create any design with modular light panels

Traditional smart lightbulbs pale in comparison to what you’ll experience from Nanoleaf Canvas smart LED lighting. Instead of a screw-in lightbulb, Canvas is a series of square light panels that are wall-mounted. Connect the panels together to create your own unique lighting solution, from minimal designs to statement wall art. Use Nanoleaf Canvas modular light panels to create ambiance, or to perfectly complement your home décor. Leverage Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror technology to transform your gaming station or home theatre into an incredibly immersive experience,  

Installation is simple (there’s no drilling and mounting tape is included), and designing your Canvas masterpiece is made easy with Nanoleaf’s mobile app. The app’s interactive Layout Assistant lets you explore and experiment with different panel layouts using your smartphone or tablet. Before committing to mounting the panels, you can even preview your design in your room using the app’s AR feature.  

Watch the lights dance to your favourite music

Remember the golden age of MP3s on a computer with a music visualizer that pulsed to the beat of the music being played? With Nanoleaf Canvas, you can turn your entire room into a music visualizer!

Canvas has a built-in Rhythm Module that senses audio and transforms it to colour and light in a stunning audiovisual display. Choose from a wide range of built-in and user created Rhythm Scenes. Each is engineered for maximum performance for different musical genres. Different Rhythm Scenes also feature different colour palates and light sequences. Nanoleaf Canvas is the ultimate music visualizer, whether you’re listening to pounding EDM or swaying along to the soulful melodies of classical jazz.

There’s no need to put up with the crowding and cover charges of a night club when you can enjoy all the energy and lighting effects at home, with Nanoleaf Canvas smart lighting bringing your favourite dance music playlist to life.

Personalize your lighting experience

While built-in scenes can be chosen right from the Nanoleaf Canvas Control Square, the Nanoleaf mobile app (for iOS and Android) is where the flexibility of this unique smart lighting system comes to life.

Schedules lets you set light alarms to wake gently in the morning with a simulated sunrise, or to have the lights act as a reminder for your calendar events through the day. Nanoleaf Canvas is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and more. This means advanced features like voice control, but also the option of having the light panels react to events triggered by other smart home devices.

The Nanoleaf App is loaded with preset Scenes you can choose from—or, use the app to create your own. Things get even better thanks to the large community of Nanoleaf users who upload and share their own Scenes. Check out curated Scenes Playlists like “Work From Home.”

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