Life’s adventures through the GoPro HERO10 Black

The HERO10 Black is the most powerful GoPro ever made, taking the iconic action camera to new heights. The new GP2 chip can shoot video in 5.3K at double the frame rate as the previous HERO9 Black. Take it even further with 4K video at up to 120fps. HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization will work in all modes, giving footage a cinematic quality unlike any other action camera available.

The cloud will also a bigger role than on any other GoPro. With your GoPro subscription and the Quik app, you can upload content on the fly within your home Wi-Fi network. An entire ecosystem is set up to do more with the images you capture. User-friendly editing tools and storage, plus the ability to access and edit the ones you want from almost any device. The GoPro HERO10 Black means business, even when you’re just playing.

Smooth as she goes on this GoPro

The GP2 chip is a revolutionary processor capable of capturing footage faster, smoother and better than any previous GoPro could. HyperSmooth 4.0 takes the industry’s best stabilization for action cameras and gives it another level of prowess to really make video look amazing.

That kind of performance also gets a boost from the snappier controls and rugged build that come together so nicely. Utilize the dual screens to frame yourself properly and never miss the most intense or spectacular scenes.

The HERO10 Black can take a beating doing all that, muddling through mud, snow or water, even down to depths of 33 ft. (10 metres). It’s compatible with all HERO9 Black mounts and accessories, making for a smooth transition when upgrading to the HERO10 Black.

High-res all the time

Shoot in high-resolution, all the way up to 5.3K at 60fps, or go slow at 4K at 120fps. Go even slower with 8x slow-motion at 2.7K. Either way, you can expect smooth images at all times, including when you pause and pluck out a still photo.

Don’t limit the GoPro HERO10 Black to just video. It has the ability to be an excellent camera for still photos. With 23-megapixel photos, or 15.8-megapixel images taken from 5.3K video, there will be plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the new GP2 chip’s performance.

Take advantage of all the modes that make GoPro so versatile. Shoot wide or ultra-wide, and see more in the dark than you could before. This is an action-packed action camera with the goods on the inside and out to record it all.

Reliable quality from every scene

When you shoot in 5.3K, you are getting 91% more resolution than 4K, and as much as 665% more than 1080p HD. All those extra pixels mean more realistic textures and better contrast, even when you are shooting low-light or night conditions.

The lens has a new hydrophobic cover to repel water, reducing lens flare and other artifacts to make your photos and videos look even more vibrant. With that kind of protection, you can expect clarity in all settings, be it above ground or swimming underwater.

Voice control is smart enough to let you control the HERO10 Black, with 13 commands in 11 languages available. There are even six accents to cover different regions in English and Spanish.

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